Mysteries of the Ancient Crystal Skulls

May 2008

There were 1,908,109 Unique Visitors to Crystalinks on Monday May 19, 2008, a sizable increase over the usual Monday stats. People came to read about the Crystal Skulls after watching a Sci Fi documentary "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls". They further were guided here to discover how the concept of the crystal skulls is integrated with consciousness evolution. The show was an adventure mixed with science, mythology, conspiracies, metaphysics and prophecy, though if you read about the crystal skulls, not much new was presented.

Originally I was to be part of the special, then the focus shifted to an adventure in the Yucatan. With only one women presented on the show, a scientist at the Smithsonian, a quote from the many questions asked of me by the producer at Sci Fi at Brooklyn College, would have worked. Topics we discussed included: scrying crystal skulls, 2012 prophecies, the 12 Around 1 pattern as fact and metaphor, crystal skulls representing consciousness, alien agendas (eyes, grays, etc.) - don't remember discussing program inserts, but discussed reality as a hologram. Monday, the producer told me the footage could be used in a future production, which I foresee when the time is right.

The special focused on the Mitchell Hedges Skull, the controversy about its origins and discovery varying. The woman from the Smithsonian placed that age of the skull as more contemporary vs. a legend that states it goes back thousands of years. To me, the Mitchell Hedges Skull, among other artifacts purportedly encoded with ancient wisdom, are inserts in the program, that could have been put in place at any time. They peak our interest about the esoteric - 'gods from the skies who placed it here and will return to save humanity' scenarios.

I never "saw" Anna Mitchell Hedges' husband, Bill, finding another crystal skull as he set off on three different quests in the Yucatan to that end. But, as I always blog, the journey into awareness is about the adventure ... we already know where it's all going as it spirals back into the crystal skull to total consciousness and light. On his journey, Bill met Leonard, a Mayan man with great energy who believes there are other crystal skulls buried for all time. The name Leonardo always takes me to the lion's tail/tale and related (the story of our reality - lion, Leo, Omega, closure). Leonardo da Vinci which goes back to creation and sacred geometry. Speaking of lions and creation we come to Richard Hoagland's offering on the show about the Face on Mars. The left side of a lion's face was superimposed over the left side (male) of the Face on Mars, and a humanoid face over the right (female) (scrying).

With the theory of 12 crystal skulls around 1- I could foresee, at the end of time, 12 people bringing their crystal skulls together in the home of the Maya, to see what happens. I am sure others will try this experiment before the program closes.

In all, the crystal skulls, ancient or not, are tools of awareness brought forth as inserts in the grid at this time. Expect more.

In the end times, strange and wondrous things are going to happen, or should I say, are happening. It's equivalent to moving from black and white dreams to color to lucid dreaming - consciousness evolving. Lucid dreaming is on the increase.

Energies at this time go to discovering the truth behind the illusions that have held man down in physical reality. Religious beliefs are shifting. The need to worship false gods who will never return, and understand the true nature of our creators, takes hold in human consciousness. This moves us to bloodlines, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and endless questions about the power of the church and religion throughout history. Last week, the Vatican seeded the grid by stating that there could be aliens out there.

The bloodline goes to a biogenetic consciousness experiment outside the box, of which we are all created and related. It is depicted in Sumerian Mythology, and in more recent timelines with the biogenetic experiments in the Nazi and Alien Gray programs - we are a hybrid experiment that is evolving.

Reality ends with a flash of light viewed by everyone in the program simultaneously. That light represents zero point, which activates everyone's codes transforming them back to their nature state of light, returning through a spiraling portal or Star Gate, SG, Sacred Geometry.

That bright light could be thought of as white but is actually shimmering blue/white - midnight (12:00) blue.
2012 is actually a code or designation to return.
Fibonacci's 1202 book Liber Abaci introduced the Fibonacci sequence - the Golden Ratio - Spiraling Movement of Consciousness.

There is something about this photo.

A dog, or wolf appears to come from my consciousness.

As a totem animal, the Wolf symbolizes success.

In Chinese astronomy Sirius is known as the star of the 'celestial wolf'.

Ellie's Blue Photos - Time Travel

It's darker on my left side.

Pommes Bleues at Rennes Le Chateau

The name 'Blue Apples' or 'Pommes Bleues' in French, relates to an optical phenomenon that is said to occur at midday (12:00) on January 17 when the sun shines through a stained-glass window (Jesus Raising Lazarus from the Dead) in the church. On this day, orbs of bluish light appear on the church furnishings before stopping (then fading) on the altar with its bas-relief of Mary Magdalene kneeling in prayer with a skull at her knees. The skull represents consciousness and wisdom. It comes out of the dark, on Mary's left.

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