August 25, 2008

Crystalinks celebrates its 13th anniversary

Dearest Ellie, It's been more than 10 years now of reading and enjoying Ellie's World each day and I've learned a LOT from Crystalinks in general. Thank you so much! -- Becky Herrmann, Vancouver, BC

Dear Ellie, I know you must have gotten an avalanche of emails regarding the thirteenth year event of Crystalinks, but I just had to add my thank you to this most fabulous website and to you! Crystalinks has become part of my daily routine on the computer and can't live a day without checking your blog to find out your insight about what is going on in the world... yeah you could say you are my "guru"... but I do trust your judgement wholeheartedly! I just wanted you to know I am a big fan of yours... Don't stop what you're doing! - Robin

Hi Ellie, Congratulations on your 13 years of Crystalinks. You have helped me through so much of my life in the past 6 years since I found you, sometimes being the only place I have to turn where someone understands my experience of this earth. I am amazed by the enormity of what you achieve on your own, one person making such a huge difference to this world. Thanks for doing what you do, Rachel Soderstrom in Melbourne, Australia.

Hi Ellie, congratulation on your 13th year of Crystalinks and service to others. I know the Virgo energy is very patient and has pride in perfection. My mother's a Virgo and passed over in Nov'07 and shares Crystalinks Birthday. She loved gardening, so I've attached a 'Cyber Rose' from my garden, in both her honour and your's as well. In other forum web pages I see references back to Crystalinks and your archive, so you are spreading the message. Keep up the good work, sending out the positive vibes - the planet and it's guests need it more than ever. kind regards from 'the land down under'. Trevor Ward, Perth, Western Australia

Dearest Ellie, It has been my privilege and honour to have been allowed to be with you on your journey, to watch as your grandchildren go from babies into toddlers then into young children. I hope to be reading your blogs for the next 13 years! Some of my close friends passed in 2008 and some I only recently found out about who left a few years ago. At this moment, I am wondering if life is a dream and if it's all real, and yet I know it is, and I know it isn't. Just so grateful for having connected with kind and loving souls like you. Bless You Ellie for being you and doing what you do for so many of us. With Love, Gratitude and Appreciation, Irena in Hong Kong

Dear Ellie, What a fantastic labyrinth of messages and truths you have built over the past 13 years - as gracious producer, keeper and guardian of these intricate and always morphing 'passageways' you even provide the requisite thread to help guide us all on our way 'HOME'! Thanks for the ongoing subtle lesson in 'reality' - with the help of Crystalinks, this course in orienteering helps us to become better navigators of our own destinies. It is not a small thing to show other people how to stay honest with themselves on the journey - in this you do us all a great service. Everyday I find something on Crystalinks to support and uplift me on my own trip through the gridfield of this life (and up and out of the box...). These are unusual times, and both grounding and inspiration are to be found within the virtual walls of your marvellous 'temple'! Live well and prosper, Ellie! The ultimate prophetic moment is always in the Now, right?! Much love and many blessings always, Kristin (a fellow Aquarian in Vancouver, Canada)

Happy Birthday Ellie. In 1998 I found the internet. Because of the types of things I searched for, of course I found you over and over again. My husband has also found your website while searching for things he is interested in. I always say, "That's Ellie!", when he shows me what he's found. Your site is one of two I added to my favorites the first year that still remain on my favorites list. You have stood the test of 'Sue time' while most sites have not. Also, my birthday is February 15th, another Aquarian. Still reading, Sue Phipps - Michigan

Dearest Teacher, I am thanking you for how much effort and time that has gone into the most helpful website ever made! I found Crystalinks nearly 4 years ago researching Egyptian artifacts, pyramids, as well as stories of creation. When I clicked on your links, more links were showing themselves to me...more knowledge to pick from the tree, so long as I could use it accordingly and for positive thought. I am thankful that you are still using your site as a means to develop human interaction between the old and the new. You are that bridge which will take us out of the box and into the new spiral of the mind! I am currently enrolled at San Francisco State in SF, California, studying philosophy. Had I not had a website like crystalinks, I would have never stayed in school...for whenever I was lost about a particular philosopher or time in metaphysics, I turned to crystalinks for my soul's guidance. Thank you Ellie! Love and respect, Greg Stupplebeen

Ellie's Message

Crystalinks has come a long way since 1995 in terms of quality, content and readership, generally averaging over one million visitors each day. Crystalinks has developed into a compendium of over 7,000 files and growing, that integrate science and meta-science, physics and metaphysics, merging everything for greater understanding. Through the years Crystalinks has become a place readers can return to find answers within the parameters of evolving consciousness. As a healing tool, it has helped millions of readers evolve into greater awareness as the human experiment, through which we virtually experience, returns to higher consciousness.

The overall theme of Crystalinks is simply and has never wavered -- Reality is a consciousness hologram through which souls virtually experience to learn and record their experiences. It is a biogenetic experiment in linear time (physical reality) to experience emotions. Reality had a beginning and has an end - the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. A transformation is occurring on all levels, coinciding with the Age of Science and Technology which guides us along the way. Crystalinks remains a Work in Progress as does your journey here.

From Crystalinks 13th anniversary to the 13th Floor - it's all about the Matrix.

Last weekend I was guided to watch The Matrix trilogy, focusing on the Oracle, appearing both in and then out of the matrix as the game evolved.

Next I was guided to the 1999 film The Thirteenth Floor whose image of the Matrix I use over and over on my blogs. The matrixes in both movies are linked to consciousness and projected illusion - plug in and off you go. The Matrix, in the movie of the same name, is portrayed as green scrolling codes.

In The Thirteenth Floor, the Matrix is also vibrant green. To experience the matrix on my large screen TV, was breathtaking and spoke to me, or should I say reminded me that time is running out.

Tick Tock! There was always a clock that players watched once they entered the Matrix on the 13th floor - 12 around 1 - 13 or 4 which is closure. It allowed the players to know how much time was left as they integrated their experience with the simulated characters. (the holodeck)

2012 means something - reverse Fibonacci Numbers vs. a date. The matrix evolves now - nothing can stop it. We have entered the program to stop the loop. The remaining time will separate the programmers from the simulations. How do you know who you are... you remember how it ended the last time and what you are here to do.

Simulation Hypothesis - Holographic Universe Theory