The CORE, March 28, 2003

The CORE, Hollywood Fiction or Science?
National Geographic

Is the Earth preparing to flip? BBC News

A core shift is not just the plot for a far-fetched science-fiction disaster movie. Something is happening to the Earth's magnetic field. In recent years, the field has been behaving in ways not previously seen in the admittedly short time it has been monitored. Some researchers think it may presage a geomagnetic reversal when the north and south magnetic poles flip. Such speculation takes place in the science-fiction movie "The Core."

In the film, the Earth's core stops rotating and our planet's magnetic sheath collapses. A manned mission is dispatched to the center of the Earth to "jumpstart" the planet. The Earth's magnetic field is caused by motions in the ball of molten iron that lies at the center of our planet. Electrical currents in the outer part of the core result in the planet-wide magnetic field. Continued

This signals the theory of pole shifts and Hapgood's theory of crustal displacement. Reality will shift within a nanosecond of Earth time at Zero Point.

The true pole shifts are within your consciousness. The pole shifts people think are coming are about the merging of your polarities in the duality of this experience.

The CORE of Consciousness is shifting.

Films are moving consciousness into greater awareness. A reader named Blanche sent an email with some 'food for thought' on the Core Theory and Polar Shifts. P>


While looking at your column 'The Core' you spoke of the poles flipping and zero point. I get the distinct impression Earth is speaking to remind us of a time that draws near, yet is one so long ago that we've forgotten the signs or symbolism.

If the poles were flipping the horizontal mirror of reflection or retro inversion should also entail a vertical line or mirror 90 degrees perpendicular for the lateral inversion moving right to left or left to right in conjunction with the up and down or down and up effect as they are so conjoined in 360 degrees of a sphere.

If a circle is spinning from this center or core out to the periphery the axis for stability would incorporate four 90 degree turns, two retro and two lateral. Momentum would therefore be maintained at 60 degrees or 30 degree increments. The North and South flipping or shifting polarity would be a mirrored inversion or 180 degree turn and that is only two of the four.

Could the Earth be preparing for the Solar eclipse of May 2012 to utilize the magnetic-strong force as the sun's electro-weak force is blocked?

If the Earth's core suffers a ferric domain, (stronger but temporary magnetic field)then shutting down the electricity makes sense, if the attempt is to fracture the domain. For the poles to flip it would require an increase in the electro-weak force and a breach in the magnetic field. The magnetic-strong force is significant during the zero point energy to re-align from the center outward.

Do you think that could be why we built the pyramids and other ancient architecture as marker stones on these four quadrants, so as to bring the energy requirement back to the center or core? The minerals these monuments are construct with are conductors of energy......mica a polymeric silicate, quartz or silica. It is almost as if they were building some kind of an integrated circuit using the natural elements on Earth. Perhaps with hopes to reconnect her iron core with the energy of the sun and to unlink with the cosmic computer.

The message I am conceptualizing is that during this zero point polarity, the Earth a magnetic monopole, will recalibrate her energy to mass ratios by breaching our current energy/matter construct (the wobble and precession) and align with equilibrium between the electro-weak and magnetic-strong forces. The variables, such as gravitational attraction, contained rest energy of the ferric domain in iron, refraction of light (photoelectric effect) will be cancelled out, null and void.

Our fate is no equation. And refracted light seems to have kept us in a perpetual motion of time and/or its illusion running on the line East to West, or backward. It gives a sense of the pendulum swinging always right to left. Could the bend in our destiny caused by this incident angle that does not equal the reflection once corrected, bring heaven unto earth and rejoin us with the cosmic circuit that runs on a 24,000 year basis? Or will we remain in the shadows induced by the 25,920 solar year?

The simultaneity of magnetic attraction and repulsion during this polar shutdown will bring our bipolar dysfunction, DNA's and Earth's wobble back to equilibrium within the trinity of forces; light, sound and either (father, son and the holy ghost) held in check between Heaven and Earth.

Currently our bipolar technology is based on the electron theory. A new elucidation of the atom will enable integration of a monopolar technology, as is based on the atom's monopolarity. Hydrogen is the light, and it is the only atom without a neutron. Its free spin is locked in the effects of a pendulum and there the true source of our light is blocked in angle of that degree of light refraction.

The incident angle of the sun does not equal the reflection of Earth, but during that zero point polar shutdown her energy to matter ratios will recalibrate, and the angle of the sun will penetrate to depths of her core and the soul of man. So from this iron porphyry core in our blood and the iron core of Earth, the energy both kinetic and potential will equate the mass numbers in symmetry of both matter and anti-matter and all will be equidistant from this center to any point on the periphery.