Cannonball Park War Rally

April 6, 2003

On a gorgeous Sunday in NY, a rally was held in the park outside my home. Dozens of people gathered in support of the war, while others, many veterans from other wars, prayed for peace and a quick end to the war in the Middle East. Some of the people were from the Middle East, as they live in my neighborhood, though I could not tell their country of origin.

A band played, speeches were given to cheering crowds, many of whom live in Fort Hamilton just down the block, and those keeping vigils for US and British prisoners in the war with Iraq.

Prior to the events, I had been reading with a client and felt the presence of thousands of spirits. We walked out onto the terrace and watched as the rally began, police, media and spectators arriving.

My next client and I, unable to do our reading due to outside noise, walked to the park and listened to the speeches, stopping to talk to some of the people. Some of the cars were lined like a funeral procession, with a black Hearst in front, each car bearing flags.

The world always seems such a place of sadness, depression and mourning. So many much confusion and pain on the planet ... always. Is this what we came here to experience, an occasional glimpse of happiness tempered with endless trails and tribulations?

The warm weather and bright sunshine brought some degree of comfort, yet all I could sense were people needing to experience pain and anguish. They wanted to grieve.

"How strange," I thought. "Souls seem to thrive on these emotions in their own lives or vicariously through others' experiences. They love the soap opera of it all. It is as if they do not want to experience balance, though they may say they do. Some souls may not feel they deserve balance, while others love the drama of it all and the pain." Once again, 3D seemed surreal to me, as if I was just visiting or watching a movie.

I stared up at the sun arched between the cables of my bridge.

My obelisk was enhanced by the energies of the sleeping trees, not as yet in bloom, due to the weird weather we have been having.

Soon we will all cross the rainbow bridge of consciousness as we journey back to the other side, where the souls of those lost in battle, and through nature transition, await our return. A new Tree of life will soon flower, Rebirth of the Human spirit to a place beyond pain and suffering and into the light. Souls will have let it go. The war will end, but not for many years, and we will be at peace, at least for a while. How tired we are of the games of humanity. How much we wish to move into that which seems the natural expression of who we are as spirit, empowered and free.

Muslim retaliation on US soil still does not seem real to me, especially in NYC where we remain on alert. I do not see a nuclear bomb exploding anywhere in the immediate future. I know this is not the end of the game, but part of the closing chapters.

We are always fighting the same battles, with the same warrior souls, sometimes the reasons we are there making sense, while other times we cannot remember the cause yet alone project an outcome. We are programmed to obey those in authority and battle on, with freedom for all souls the ultimate goal, or so we are lead to believe.