Banana Umbilical

December 1, 2003

Ben is a friend I made shortly after Crystalinks debuted in August 1995. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Helen, who does Reflexology. Ben is a famous graphic designer who has helped me with Crystalinks since we met online. He created the flash alchemy wheel image on the index page of Crystalinks, as guided by Z. The image was later used as a template for the cover of my book "Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time." Ben designed many of the other great images that have helped enhance the Crystalinks files.

For those who have read Ellie's World in recent years, you may also remember that as far back as I remember, I have been 'seeing' the symbol of bunches of bananas in a circle. I have never understood, nor been able to connect this archetype with anything specific. I should have know Ben would be the messenger. Below is Ben's email and photos taken on a trip to Jamaica at the end of November 2003. Once again, it is all about rebirth.... the umbilical cord that opened when Ben was there, his mentioning of "Sarah and Alexander" which was launched this year on 03/03/03, and more.

Hi Ellie,

I thought you'd like the two weird, but cool pictures, I took of a "banana umbilical". It seems Helen and I were in Jamaica when a banana tree was starting it's next generation. Just outside our hotel room, we noticed an odd looking purple pod at the end of a winding stem. A few of days later it began to open. I thought of you when I saw it. Then when it opened I was really amazed. What an incredible connotation of nature. Metaphors galore. I was told that in addition to the banana fruit, the flower of the banana plant is known as a 'banana blossom' or 'banana heart', which reminded me of how you talk about the heart center of creation, the eye, the Milky Way Galaxy, etc.

I found this image of a banana plant in Luxor, Egypt ...

So let's go to "Sarah and Alexander" ...

I must commend you on the whole effort of the book. Specifically I thought you did a great job with weaving the character development and overlapping plot/time lines. Especially the part where Sarah is visiting Marie de Marchand and Amaan is visiting Abdul's artifact collection. The switching back and forth between those scenes was gripping and very well done. Just like in a movie.

I'm glad you're continuing your focus on "Sarah and Alexander." I'm curious about your revisions for the screenplay. As I read the book, I visualized it as a movie. And you're absolutely right about it being a Spielberg genre. Understanding that this book and screenplay is something you are guided to create. Your style and Connie's blend seamlessly, so it's hard to tell what pieces of the story are the essential elements that can't change, and what parts were created to pull the plot together, that can change.

You have very strong characters. The story of Thomas and Rose sets the stage very well. I'm curious who you would cast as Sarah if it were to be filmed today. and who you would cast as young Rose (who I assume would also play old Rose) and who you would cast as young Marie (who I assume would also play old Marie) I'm curious how you would cast everyone, but those three in particular, also Miriam. There are a lot of subplots and back stories that would be very hard to pull off in the screenplay such as the origin of Niachi, which would be an interesting book unto itself. The Matrix guys did something interesting where they got these Japanese Anime' directors to produce seven short back-story segments, called the AniMatrix. Niachi's story would play well as an Anime'.

I'm really happy for you that this story that has been in the works for so long is manifesting. Good luck on the continuing mission.


Sarah and Alexander