The Back-Story ....

The Back Story has meaning in both fiction and nonfiction in the land in which we all dwell and play out our roles. In fiction or film, a back-story is the history behind the situation at the start of the main story.

People who heal and help always have a back story - the story behind the story of what happened to them that changed their lives and destinies. The back-story follows one's programming and cannot be avoided no matter how much free will souls believe they have.

The concept of free will is not real, for if it was we would all exist in perfect worlds of our own design. The program leads one to believe they have free will as part of the healing process, but in fact when you change your life, you are programmed to that end because your frequency is raising.

All we are is light and consciousness frequency having a learning experience in the physical to study emotions then archive and take that knowledge home when the program evolves and we move to light. You know the drill - we are spirits having a physical experience that is ending (and you feel it all around you). Computer end program. Beam me up!

For most, the back-story is a melodrama, about how that person was wounded and how they went on to heal and teach through experience. Imagine yourself as a soul spark outside the box, who has just returned from this program and now shares knowledge with the 'collective unconsciousness' for lack of a better term. As you also know ... the journey here is long and arduous, but if you were looking at it from higher perspective, it would be instantaneous. You have to experience in linear time to understand emotions.

Alien abduction back-story: The understanding of emotions is linked to - and parallels - the program insert about the gray aliens who are so cerebral, they have created biogenetic experiments to create hybrids allowing them to experience emotions. Those who have been 'taken' by the grays have interesting back-stories, though many have substance abuse issues and personality disorders. You have to wonder why the grays would experiment with them in the first place - though there are abductees who are high functioning. In case you are new to my blog, the abductions stopped in 2006, as least as far as the biogenetic experiments go. The program is ending.

Ellie's back-story has to do with a one time alien (not grays) experience in Nevada in 1954 that created by ongoing dialogue with Z for the rest of my time here and would shape my journey.

So what's your back-story? Have you put it in a book? journal? blog? poem? art? music? kept it private? shouted it to the world? tried to make sense of why you were born to it and in so doing became a healer? (FYI: there are no contracts before one is born as all is light and random.)

In the world: what is the back-story behind the global recession? Consciousness that can no longer support the economy? other? destined for change as all programs dictate?

Planet Earth: What is her back-story? That's an easy one ... she's evolving out of the physical and ending ... not to a place of love and light Earth ... just ending like a good cigar which becomes dust and ashes, once a burning flame.

At the end of the day ... the back-story is ... we have come full circle and are going back! Yeah!

So who wrote the front stories and the back stories? It was none other than that little old story teller himself ... Thoth of course ... but you knew that. In the image above, the back story is the ouroboros which takes us to the beginning.