Feeling Abandoned, Grids

For many there is a feeling of being abandoned ... sometimes by someone they know and others times, just a feeling of hopelessness and a connection to something out there that many call God, who they worship and see as a savior

Some people worshipped a parent. It is often the father, the person who they feel will always be there to take care of them, make it all better, fix their mistakes and would do anything for them unconditionally. This codependency on a parent creates endless problems with troubled children. Wrong choices are often made to please the parent, the detriment of all. eve Then, sadly and unexpectedly the parent or partner dies at a young age and the person is crushed. They will now have to take care of themselves. Can they?

We all want someone who will always be there for us, someone who understands, supports and loves us unconditionally, and will say, "It will all be alright." We need to be nurtured.

The feeling of abandoned can become overwhelming. Loss creates a gap making one feel that a part of their soul has been ripped out. This may be closer to the truth than they realize as parents and children, or partners, are often one soul having two experiences in the physical simultaneously.

In moments of grief people come to me for a counseling sessionseeking to communicate with the deceased loved one to find out if they are still protected and guided. Spirits have a way of making themselves known through dreams and other physical manifestations. A common manifestation of late takes the form of flying objects such as butterflies, insects, birds.

In the illusion of time, we are all projections of consciousness experiencing in the physical. Time looping is more frequent now, which could cause some souls to be removed from the grid before they were due to leave. We understand so little about the loop of time and the way the grids work, hence a link with physical science, hence a vulnerability when power grids malfunction.

Reality is ALL about grids of one kind or another.

As all consciousness is spiraling back to higher frequency, there are bound to be events in the grid that were not part of the original blueprint of the program. This could result in souls releasing from the pull of the magnetic energy field of the grid, unable to return to the physical.

We truly are alone vulnerable in the grid experience, where often nothing makes sense or connects for us anymore, or 3D seems meaningless or hopeless. Souls are tired. This is all part of the process of wanting to release from the pull of the EM gird.

Weird things are going to happen now as we spiral out. More and more spirits will be seen, not just be psychics, as our ability to see spirit, our consciousness moves faster or into higher frequency. You could be riding down the road one day and see an event that is happening in that area in a parallel grid.

Getting beyond feelings of abandonment at any age is not easy and often takes years of therapy.

The initial abandonment is the journey from the ethereal to the non-physical when our soul splits in half and, yin/yang, as it enters the polarity, duality of 3D.

We spend out lives seeking reunion with our other half, our polar opposite. Twin Flames.

Humanity as a race is alone and challenged. We do our best as we spiral upward and out!

Watch out for 'grid'lock. Do you have your key?

The Physical Grid is The Box....It is a game, The XBox, The Z Box. The 'X' and 'Z' convert to the hourglass, time.

We play to win and find our way out of the box, 'Take your marbles and go home' ...or 'lose your marbles' along the way!

Combining the Butterfly, Grid, 'X'

As is Above, So is Below