Weather Whiplash

Saturday February 4, 2023

The world is aware that we exist in patterns of extreme climate change and record-setting weather events - based on science are accelerating exponentially.

Climate and natural disasters hold the key and show us where we are going - sometimes comparing our experiment in time and emotions to prior extinction level events. It always seems to end on the emotion of Fear and then Release.

We are running out of clean air, clean water, rain forests, wetlands, elements used in technology, sand used for concrete and glass and more. We face collapsing - glaciers, the food chain, the electrical grid and more - which can lead to 'civilization collapse' and extinction - as described in recorded history. Some believe scientists will be able to fix the issue - but most people know we are not programmed to that end. (When a civilization disappears - what has happened is its insert in the simulation of our reality is removed or deleted.)

I live in Brooklyn, New York where this week we experienced a roller coaster effect of weather. On Monday temperatures were in the 50's . By the end weekend we experienced record-setting cold temperatures in the northeast. Here in Brooklyn - Saturday registered 8°F with a wind chill below 0°. By early next week we go back into the 50s and possibly close to 60°.

Survival is a problem across the planet from the war in Ukraine, where many are living without power to the migrant and homeless crisis here in the city, where people deal with issues of sanitary conditions, lack of heat, health and more. All of this goes under the heading of 'Issues that have no resolution'.

Below are blogs with pics I took starting on Monday January 31 - ending Saturday morning with a purple moon - in the energies of the Full Snow Moon 16° Leo.

A Winter Monday in New York City ~ Fractals and Fibonacci Numbers

Giant sun with pink halo over the Verrazano Bridge - Pic taken from my terrace

This is the longest New York City has waited for its first
measurable snowfall since official records began in 1869.

The Obelisk in the Park. Moon Rising.

Ellie. Obelisk. Moon Rising.

Electric scooters are fun but I enjoyed the motorcycle better and of course my Lexus.

Coming full circle as the sun sets

I'm not one to tell you what to do and how to live it. Well maybe sometimes I do. Just wanted to say ... enjoy the sun cycles. I'm about to make my 80th trip around the sun and still having fun. In this crazy world of endless factalizations just go with it. We leave at sunset.

I've always been fascinated by this particular image of the Sierpinski Triangle (fractal) though I was never sure why. Then one day I figured it out. It's featured in the Spielberg miniseries Taken as a trigger for Charlie Keys when he discovers he is the father of Lisa's daughter Allie - conceived on a UFO as the end result of alien-human experimentation since WWII. Both Charlie and Lisa are alien-human hybrids as well - but Allie is the key.

It's all about the Fibonacci Sequence built into her DNA. Yes. It's always about the Fibonacci Sequence no matter which way I turn. Why? Because that is the code for the human biogenetic experiment set in linear time to experience emotions. It's reversing to zero now. But you knew that.

Codes. Everything we do, everything we are ... are codes.

January 31 - February 2, 2023 - Ice Storm

Reality is at 0,1. The Doomsday Clock was reset last week to 90 seconds.

Wednesday Morning Snowscapes - Lamp Posts Guide the Way

Less than an inch of snow which melted after the sun came up

National windchill record set in New Hampshire as cold weather begins to ease up across the Northeast
  CNN - February 5, 2023

Emergency measures enacted as epic blast of cold air moves into the Northeast
  CNN - February 4, 2023

Sometimes a Weeping Willow has a reason to cry

Saturday Morning - February 4

As the almost-full moon set behind the building on the next street - I stepped out on the terrace for a few seconds and took this pic. It was 8° of bone-chilling cold felt through my winter-wear but I wanted to capture the moment. Much to my surprise. - as if looking up at the sky on another planet - there was a purple moon effect.

February 5, 2023

Full Snow Moon 16° Leo

Time Travel ~ Wormhole

February 5, 2023

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