Trump's Revolving Door

Friday November 18, 2016

Trump's reign as president, his Cabinet and other political choices, will continue to keep us engaged - coming and going like/through a revolving door at Trump Tower. Remember his mantra from The Apprentice - "You're Fired!" - and so it will come to passively quickly. Trump will headline the news like no other president which may or may not be a good thing depending on your perspective but it certainly will keep people engaged in media content and discussions with others. It may seem odd, but Trump still seems like the right person to be in office now. There is always a method to the madness.

Trump's Reversals

Wednesday November 23, 2016

Trump changes his mind a lot - from day to day and often hour to hour which shows he is not well informed. Many of the choices he made while campaigning, and makes now, will be quickly reversed - such as hiring the dreadful Steve Bannon.

Trump had two campaign managers until settling on Kellyanne Conway, seemingly the one to get the job done. But it wasn't her. Trump would have won no matter who ran the show/campaign.

It should come as no surprise to you that Trump has reversed many of the things he said while campaigning. I never saw him prosecuting Hillary and actually feel there's a connection between the two families that softened his stance while playing to her supporters. Further, both families are equally guilty in the quest for money and power.

Trump retreated from vows to pull out of the Paris climate accord and needs a reality check on Earth Changes because they are accelerating exponentially based on the same algorithm that is guiding his destiny. With global real estate investments, I'm sure he knows how climate and natural disasters can impact them.

We'll see about building that border wall. They should seal the tunnels first and watch for new tunnels. Criminals come through the tunnels.

Trump knows how to get around tax laws and will not separate from his business empire which will both help and hinder his presidency. If you were him would you walk away from everything or trust it to others?

Post Election "Blues"

Tuesday November 15, 2016

The Red Team (Republicans) won as the Blue Team (Democrats) regroups for the future. Red represents many things highlighted with inflamed emotions. Blue represents Spirituality whatever that means for you..

If Trump winning the election has made you, or those around you more agitated than they used to be, the campaign was simply a trigger or catalyst to amplify their emotional state which goes to fear and anxiety. Reality check ... It appears that Trump has weighed the difference between his campaign promises and what is practical to achieve, hoping to calm the fear that many Americans are now experiencing, though everything decided now will change. Only time will tell how events play out all the while keeping you engaged mentally and emotionally.

Monday President Obama gave a press conference in which he sought to create a peaceful transition as Trump figures out how to lead the country. As with Obama, you don't know the job description until you get there and, as Obama said, they change from minute to minute. Everything is accelerating exponentially - especially people's emotions and ability to align and cope. It's a time of transition on all levels. Good luck with that.

The Bird Who Tweets Less Than Trump

Tourists flock to see Donald Trump-like bird in a Chinese zoo   Mashable - November 15, 2016
As Donald Trump's popularity in China climbs, one little golden pheasant is enjoying the perks of fame because of his bright yellow comb-over. Visitors to the Hangzhou Safari Park in Zhejiang province have discovered that one of the birds there has a pretty similar hairstyle to the incoming POTUS.