Titan Adventures - Myth, Math, and Mysteries

June 24, 1947

Two weeks before the Roswell UFO Incident

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting - Videos

A portal or window opens on and around July 4 connecting the Masonic Program and Extraterrestrials. It's all in alignment with a Master Plan, architectural blueprint, and the calibrated sequencing of the simulation of our reality.

This was the first post-World War II sighting in the United States that garnered nationwide news coverage and is credited with being the first of the modern era of UFO sightings, including numerous reported sightings over the next two to three weeks.

Time Traveling Visitors always played a role in The Human Equation

The Passage of Time

Time Travel and the Physics of it All

Recalibrating To The Time Before Time

Creating Equations

Seshat Egyptian Goddess of Math - Female Counterpart of Thoth

The Human Equation - Out of Africa - Reality is an Algorithm.

The Titans - Myth, Math, and Mysteries

In Greek Mythology the Titans were a primeval race of powerful deities, descendants of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Heaven), that ruled during the legendary Golden Age. They were immortal giants of incredible strength and stamina and were also the first pantheon of Greco-Roman gods and goddesses.

The Fate of the Modern-day Titans

Like the fate of the British passenger liner the RMS Titanic that sank on April 15, 1912 - destiny played its hand as lives were lost in the seascape of reality when the Titan submersible sank this week not far from its namesake.

The warning signs were all there for both captains - but they didn't listen. Did they do it for notoriety, money, the thrill of it all, or just unlucky programming in the algorithym of reality?

From the first report I could 'see' that the 'passengers' were deceased but chose not to post so as not to be seen as negative. It's all about the concept of hope - in our gamut of emotions - as a means to keep going or we wouldn't keep going at all.

The concept which I most often post about is Closure which some accept - while others need to believe the illusion of time is eternal. The hardest lesson you'll ever learn is how to say goodbye yet that is the final awakening.

As the families of the five men who lost their lives on the Titan submersible grieve, the focus has turned to finding out what caused the "catastrophic implosion" believed to have killed the explorers   NBC (Peacock) - June 23, 2023

In the Alchemy of Time the Peacock is the Phoenix - She who uses the same physics and math (algorithm) to create never-ending storylines/experiences. But She is just a myth brought forth into physical reality to coincide with the concepts of hope and eternal energy ... until the illusion of time ceases to exist.

Journey of the Bloodline - The Last Symbol

One Soul Wrote The Script and Played All The Key Characters

Masonic Program

The Masonic Program is the esoteric journey of humanity brought forth into physical consciousness to experience in the cycles of time. It is laced with Masonic symbols found throughout the planet - clues that bring further clues, from which humanity will quest until the end of time. The story had a beginning, and as all stories, has an end, in which everything within its pages closes. Your soul understands that time is not far away, and that we are living in the final chapter, about to turn the last page and find out how it all ends.

A portal or window opens on and around modern day July 4 connecting the Masonic Program and Extraterrestrials. It's all in alignment with a Master Plan, architectural blueprint, and the calibrated sequencing of the simulation of our reality.

Sarah and Alexander

In 1989, I wrote the first draft of my book Sarah and Alexander as told to me by a little boy named Alexander who came to Earth to meet a human girl named Sarah, both age 6. That story went through many revisions in the years that followed until it was completed in 2002 and released on 03/03/03. The final version became a screenplay "Sarah and Alexander in The Alchemy of Time."

In 1989 Dan Brown wrote the first draft of the Da Vinci Code, which many people told me carries the same energies as "Sarah and Alexander" - the story of the bloodline. We are definitely tapping into the same grids, but in my story, the protagonist is Sarah Manning, while his main character is Robert Langdon. Both books were released in 2003.

Guardians of the Seed

"Sarah and Alexander" does not mention Jesus, but Mary Magdalene is one of the Guardians of the Seed which gets passed down through the millennia from Isis to Rose, the final Guardian, who is Sarah's Grandmother. On September 3, 1989, Rose and Sarah cross the old wooden footbridge at Twin Crossing, the Manning family compound, in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. Rose carries the old wooden music box, covered in tapestry, which contains the Seed. The harmonics of creation surround them, ushered in by the Guardians of the Seed who now await Rose's return. It is here little Sarah plants the Seed by the Stream that would bloom when she turns 29 and discovers a destiny set in motion by her ancient ancestors.

The Journey of the Bloodline - The Last Symbol