Suicide - Crossing Over

Friday March 9, 2018

The theme of several of my recent readings has been "suicide" which is on the rise along with mental illness ... but that is our bipolar programming in its many facets displayed by those destined for these experiences.

Young adults are taking the lives of others in schools, places of worship, theaters, and anywhere else, then are guided to kill themselves. Human history is based on violence one way or another. There are always ways to self destruct and takes other along with you.

As a therapist I feel that stopping genetically linked mental illness is "mission impossible" because so many people around the world are unstable - some aware - others in denial. When you can't cope you act out after a period of time saying, "I can't take it here anymore! I want out." We all know how emotionally difficult life has become in physical reality, but we do our best all the while thinking the world has gone crazy. Today we have resources to help us understand what's going on, what we can do, and yet there's no stopping programmed experiences.

This week I read the father of a beautiful young woman who committed suicide last fall by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Symbolically bridges connect realities. She traveled there from Copenhagen where, as a free spirit, she had been staying. Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teen she had spent her life traveling in search of answers yet never really connected to anything.

You probably recognize this pattern of feeling disconnected then going on spiritual journeys to find answers, which for the most are temporary. My client ran the whole gamut of holistic healing, yoga, travel, writing, making friends as she really was a gentle soul, and yet never found herself. She showed up here before her father arrived, sharing with me precious moments in her life and her torment of living with bipolar disorder. It was quite the reading, her father having already seen two other Mediums about the death of his daughter and promising to come back.

Should parents feel guilty when their children commit suicide? It's hard to answer that question because destiny will create this type of dramatic ending to someone's life no matter what those around them do to prevent the mood swings and emotional anguish the person experienced to that point. All one can do is the best they can do, though dealing with the loss of a child, as one of my clients now has to, is something that remains with them for the rest of their time in this part of the simulation.

No-one just suddenly decides to commit suicide. They have thought about it over and over and are now at a breaking point. Planning is involved. Some people commit suicide at home while others seek spiritual guidance and travel elsewhere for answers before taking their lives. The final quest is often a spiritual journey to places they have been led to believe will bring them everlasting peace.

If you live with, or have to interact with someone who has mental illness and suicidal tendencies, all you can do is try to get them help if they get it and are willing to try. Meds help. Alternative methods help. Cure is not within the realms of our simulation as the brain is a computer plugged into the consciousness grids based on logic vs. emotions.

Most people know someone who has committed suicide describing the ripple effect of grief it creates. Spirits who committed suicide generally feel bad for those they loved while in physical reality, but are happy to be free. Few are tormented. They do not have to return to physical reality and repeat the same learning lessons as so many people believe. No one is coming back.

The burnout rate today for souls is increasing. If you understand the nature of reality as a hologram you're apt to be more understanding about how it all works. But that is not the case for most people. They go through their trials and tribulations never really knowing these are programmed experiences because they are not programmed to seek out the information that explains it as such, or they read about it but don't get it.

Life is often compared to a play in which we perform our roles as per our script. True. We are led to believe that free will can alter anything, but that too is part of the illusion that our souls are free in this reality not trapped in the dynamics of physical emotions.

Reality is a crazy place - always was and always will be. End times make things even more nonsensical as we continue on to what we intuit is a grand finale. Tick-tock ... Don't forget to move your clocks forward Saturday night or Sunday morning.

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