2018 Another Self-help Beginning of the Year Blog

January 1, 2018

This is the time of the year we re-evaluate our priorities and determine what changes we should make the following year. You can call it New Year's Resolutions, or something else that wants you to change the things and people in your life that don't work. Of course you know this all goes to your emotional package and how good you are at making change. Sometimes there is more work in change than in remaining with the old patterns even though they are driving you crazy.

Self-help, as I'm sure you know, is just good-old common sense unless you need professional help which is another blog and definitely something you should do if needed. Also check the emotional patterns in your family to gain perspective.

There's nothing worse than denial or putting the blame on somebody else. Self-help is based on patterns of experience one must encounter and endure. You change when your programing (DNA codes) do. Everything else is a temporary fix ... Today the world is out-of-control addicted to things like self-help and the news which stirs emotions. That's it ... people are programmed to be addicted to Emotions.

How many of my healers and energy workers do you think come back after a period of time and tell me they had enough and are moving on? Almost all unless they are still making money. How many recycled healing systems do you think I have heard about over the past 30 years? Too many to count and most are discontinued unless they are making money. Best bandaids: meditation, yoga, proper diet and exercise as suits your age and size. Of course you know that.

By 2018 you really should understand how the program works. You are not going to change the final outcome of anything, although you may have been led to believe so, no matter how much you are a slave to learning about anything, then getting yourself upset over events out of your control. Along those lines 2018 takes us back to politics. Are you going to go crazy pontificating on events? Why? Because you like to argue especially on social media? At the end of the day we all know things play out as is programmed - or as some say, the way they were meant to. Yes I know ... most of you believe in Free Will that we can fix anything in a bipolar dualistic reality. Please rethink that, based on the way reality is playing out.

We know the world is crazy - always was and getting worse in end times - so unless you enjoy raging because your life is frustrating, let things go. You can't? Good luck with that and watch your blood pressure and anxiety levels.

Do you read the Internet for facts, fantasies, laughs, or to stir your negative emotions so you can argue?

So what's it going to take to make you feel better? good health? medication? meditation? addictions? money? love? hope? respect? family changes? answers? revenge? a conversation with a mythological god you feel protects us? the arts and entertainment? writing it all down as a catharsis of your emotions? a caretaker? understanding? compassion? attention? Truth ... ah yes ... that will set us free.