Russian-American Relations

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Investigation into the relationship between President Trump and Vladimir Putin continues to highlight the news.

On a sunny spring day, Pat and I drove to Brighton Beach to walk on the Boardwalk starting at Bay 1.
The boardwalk actually runs all the way to Coney Island.

This was the first time I had returned here since Hurricane Sandy destroyed the boardwalk on October 29. 2012.

I also wanted to take a few pics and videos for my classmates reunion in Florida next month.

Suddenly, out of the blue, a Russian man around my age, sporting a gold tooth,

dressed only in a bathing suit and sneakers ran over and hugged me. Not exactly my type but funny.

As his friend, the man on the right, walked past Pat he said, "Save this picture. It will be valuable one day."

Pat laughed and thought: "Yeah ... When we see him arrested, as we sensed he was connected."

On this day Russian-American relations were in tact in Brighton Beach by the sea where my classmates and I grew up ...
while out in the world other things were brewing.

James Comey

On the matter of Trump vs. Comey ... I believe Comey.

Comey believes Comey.

Trump probably believes Trump.

Comey helped take Hillary down.

Now he's going to help take Trump down.

What truths will surface that we have been
waiting to hear from this 6' 8" giant??

The Giants in mythology were the Anunnaki
taking us full circle to the Middle East, creation, and today.

Once again we arrive at May's "Rating Sweeps Week" as TV series air season finales replete with cliffhangers. The biggest cliffhanger this month comes from the White House keeping the world engaged in something we hope will one day be called "The Final Days of The Trump Administration" or "the End of Time". Daily events from the White House script our lives often shifting our decisions.

To follow events or not, what has become self evident is we do not script, direct, or produce events at this level of consciousness. Further there is no mythological god calling the shots. It is all streaming consciousness for your experience and review. We are an interactive audience caught up in a virtual experience/experiment - the cliffhanger about to show itself. The endless season finales of reality have recycled in the loops of time ... until now. Something should feel different to you this time around. Can you figure out the algorithm and where we are going? This is the Cliffhanger for everything your soul came here to experience.