Thursday, January 14, 2016

How do you feel about reunions? They can be personal or business. They can be planned or something that comes out of the blue that perhaps you are not ready for. They can stir your emotions as you revisit events and situations from your past. If you are in a good place, the reunion can be positive. If life has taken a downturn, a reunion can make you feel worse especially if the other person has met with success. If you are a dreamer, especially with illusions of grandeur that never manifested, reality check for your life today is in order.

Every reunion allows you to look at the past, your life today, and think about tomorrow. Social media has created many reunions of former schoolmates, work associates, long-lost friends and lovers, and family. As reality is an algorithm, everything goes in cycles - the past, present, and even the future, whether you know it or not, overlapping as timelines align.

Understanding that we are programmed illusion and the things we thought about when we were young, or still dream about today, are part of the paradigm that keeps us going (hope) - no one should really take personal blame nor lame others for things that have failed as it is just a reality 'check list' of programmed experiences for all.

As 2016 unfolds many unpredicted and unprecedented reunions are going to occur as people move through their emotions. Be brave. Hiding won't matter. We are in a Universal 9 year and much will come to the fore.

The Psychic, the Astrologer, and the Futurist - Did we get it right?

Ellie, Debbie, Gordon's Wife Cynthia

Today I had a wonderful reunion and walk down memory lane with a client named Debbie Crowley who I hadn't seen for the past 20 years. Debbie was more than just a client - she became a friend who I had adventures with in the past. Like the rest of us, she was on a journey to find her place in the crazy world of metaphysics.

Debbie, 59 is a talented astrologer whose husband was not into metaphysics - most likely feeling threatened by her connection to it - so her path took her in another direction until May 2015 when he suddenly died of cancer. Debbie set about raising her children while I was busy creating Crystalinks ... and so we drifted apart until now. This week Debbie called and asked to come for a reading and so we picked up where we left off covering her life over the past 20 years. Debbie also follows Ellie's World Blog and was well-versed in the events of my life. It was a great reunion with promises of positive things to come.

We talked about the various metaphysical topics that people have experienced in the past 20 years. When last meeting we met we were investigating megalithic sites something that people still enjoy but like most other paradigms - had their moment in time - representing the past.

We discussed some of the healing modalities that once were popular - now people understanding they are just a temporary way to balance emotions and create clarity. Of course we talked about global and universal situations and what's really going on in the world. 20 years has created new and better ways of understanding what is wrong with humans and the hologram itself.

We looked back at 20 years of predictions - some of which happened - many which have yet to come to fruition but now seem inevitable. Did we see the big events like 9/11? No one did. They only appear in the grids as they occur - events not to be prevented - their objective is to move consciousness. As Gordon-Michael would say ... there are hits and misses.

I have always sensed a reunion with the WWII timeline when we (physicists) opened a "wormhole" to this reality and everything changed. Will that time loop reopen to rectify what went wrong in the labs? I still sense that it will very soon. Now that's what I call a reunion!

In 1995, Debbie and I were invited to a Halloween Party at the home of futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion in New Hampshire. Gordon was a regular on the Art Bell radio show in those years when people were first grasping the fact that Earth Changes are here and the planet is on borrowed time in many manners of speaking. He and I remained friends through the years talking from time to time and the occasional interview. For him it is all about The Matrix which I call the Hologram and yet it is all the same.

At the end of the day or the end of the hologram or the end of the matrix ... there is one grand reunion as all souls return to source. Fade (Fate) to Black ...