Remembering Jerry Springer

February 13, 1944 - April 27, 2023

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I may play a crazy talk show host, but that's not me.

Jerry Springer, former Cincinnati mayor and talk show host died of pancreatic cancer at 79

I was never a fan of the Jerry Springer show but he was a colorful character who entertained his audiences with doses of anger and frustration for those who need to vicariously experience the part of human emotions riddled with rage.

That type of viewership would follow with other reality TV formats at their best and worst - drawing large audiences until 'the next' comes into play.

Humans tend to get bored easily forever seeking out something new that parallels their emotional codes in a given moment of time.

This is the same algorithm that allows people to follow Trump, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and other conspiracy theorists with emotionally charge platforms that become popular whether they personally believe in them or not.

Their behavior is about recognition (ratings), money, and notoriety whether people love them or hate them. Tucker Carlson is a prime example of someone who was going along with the craziness of the Trump agenda only to be found out by his own hand (emails) that he hated Trump and didn't believe his lies - as did other notables at Fox News - a channel I never watch because I'm not plugged into it and don't need the emotional catharsis provided. Fox to me is more about entertainment than news.

From reality TV and all its craziness - it was inevitable that social media platforms would arise as other venues for people to vent their frustrations to a large audience of like minded souls willing to listen.

The age of Wellness and Healing was spiking in the grids and wounded souls the world over, were willing to believe and go along with anything or anybody to help them heal.

Life is an algorithm - patterns of programmed experiences for those of like mind. In our bipolar reality - it's always going be about positive and negative emotionally charged experiences.

From the mentally ill and their detrimental behavior - counteracted by souls who follow 'love and light' and similar philosophies - it's all just experience.

From mass shootings and human rights issues - people will always seek out ways to heal by expressing themselves in different venues.

Trump is a prime example of a man who is both mentally unstable and a criminal - and as with many others who rose to fame by defending their actions - he was told he was wrong and knew it.

It's an addiction, along with many others that permeate the human experience to create emotionally charged situations.

No one wants a Trump versus Biden election in 2024. Both men will be too old whether you like them or not. They should each go down in history as one-term presidents remembered for their effect on America and the world.

The negative energies that permeate shows like Jerry Springer will always find an outlet until something else comes along. Jerry Springer was just a guy in the right place at the right time for those who had to experience the craziness of reality TV from its onset.

The true Reality Show is the Human Experiment - bipolar in nature - forever broken and seeking balance. Many see it for what it is especially those who understand simulation theory and that it's all just an experience/experiment.

In end times it's best to watch from the sidelines and take care of your own emotions so they don't get out of control for what lies ahead.