August 6, 2023

Reading With Ellie

Psychic Day is a day set aside to give people the opportunity to hone their psychic abilities which go to the way their brain is programmed and linked with the genetic codes as if time capsules of evolution. ~ Ellie

August 6, 1928 - February 22, 1987

Andy Warhol Artist, Illustrator, Film Director, Producer - Videos

In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame.

On August 6, 1994 Medium John Edward and I channeled Andy Warhol at Serendipity, one of Andy's favorite hangouts in the city. Speaking of fame - this gig got John and I honorable mention in the NY Times as on we went to help others and become famous. August 25, 1995 - Crystalinks went live for the first time.

Devorah's Birthday, Channeling, Edgar Cayce, Akashic Records

Saturday August 5, 2023

It's time to go out and seize the moment with those you care most about as reality shows its bipolar nature - people go crazy - and the planet no longer is sustainable due to climate change and other factors.

Ellie and her friend Devorah arriving at Gargiulo's Restaurant to celebrate her 43rd birthday.

There's nothing like a grand entrance. Love it.

Waiting for our table

Birthday Selfie. Table with a view overlooking everything.

Devorah has an app that allegedly works as a Medium to connect the user with the other side. It sort of listens to you talk for a while then types out one word at a time - pausing between words that are allegedly messages from Spirits. She believes in it but I saw it more as artificial intelligence.

The only spirit who showed up was a friend of Devorah's who passed the night before from cancer. She lived in Spain working and playing with the rich and famous.

Great food. Great ambiance. Great company.

From Gargiulo's we drove through Coney Island where I spent my first 11 years as Ellie Crystal - stopping for desert and to watch the Tornado and Cyclone.

Devorah and The Tornado

Time to go back to Ellie's house to watch my friend Leslie's horse race at Saratoga.

Far Bridge had won at Belmont a few weeks ago but came in third at Saratoga today.

Edgar Cayce, Channeling, and Aliens

Above I mention the topic of channeling. That takes us to the adventures of the most famous channeler of the 20th century - Edgar Cayce.

Saturday evening I watched the latest episode of Ancient Aliens - "Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet". Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 - January 3, 1945) - was a modern-day prophet from the hills of Kentucky who became recognized as a worldwide healer and channeler. Cayce claimed to have received visions of the past and future, healed people, and alleged to have had encounters with otherworldly beings.

1945 - the year Cayce died - was the end of WWII as the door to modern UFOlogy was about to open with the 1947 Kenneth Arnold Sightings and of course the Roswell incident among others.

Crashes. There were many crashed UFOs and lots to be gleaned - taking reverse engineering to modern technology - moving us to greater understanding of our connection to many things highlighted by artificial intelligence. Does this read like a movie script? Yes as everything is timed projections on the screens of reality.

As my metaphysical journey was unfolding in the late 1980's - I was guided to an ARE meeting in Riverside Church in Manhattan where I was introduced to Cayce's teachings by his son Hugh.

What I often enjoyed most through the years was not just the lectures I attended, but the people I met along the way with shared interests.

The Ancient Alien episode took me back to May 31, 2015 when my friend John and I visited the Association of Research and Enlightenment - A.R.E. - in Virginia Beach - home to the Edgar Cayce teachings and often visited by those on a metaphysical journey.

I've always found it interesting that Edgar Cayce and I have the same initials - EC - also an abbreviation for the words Earth Changes.

I never felt an affinity for Edgar Cayce as so many people do - but respect his work which move people passed the illusion and mythology of religion into something more. I have always seen this as happening by design, or the algorithm of consciousness.

Though Cayce was channeling from the consciousness grids that create the illusion of reality - I believe his purpose was to introduce the modern-day world to healing through channeled energy perhaps a connection to otherworldly beings that are not necessarily religious icons.

Cayce used the term Akashic Records to describe the place of origin of his information - sort of a repository of knowledge that can be accessed by those whose brains are programmed to do so.

Below are pics John and I took while we visited ARE

This pic of me holding the crystals ties everything together
with my Crystal adventure with Erica Wednesday.

Ellie and Erica's Crystal Adventures

August 2, 2023

On a perfect August day - in a summer of severe climate change - my friend Erica introduced me to Ruby's Crystals in downtown Brooklyn. It had been a long time since I went crystal shopping and only intended to look around and take a few pics.

King Tut and the Golden Pyramid

Erica praying over the pyramid with the Pharaoh above.
It looks like the pyramid was about to levitate.

Something unexplained happened with the three pics of Erica, the Golden Pyramid, and the Pharaoh. At dinner we decided to look at the pics to see what to post. We looked everywhere on my camera - but discovered just the first pic above while the other two were apparently missing. We each checked the pics backwards and forwards and as a grid of all the pics taken that day. Nope! Two of the pics had disappeared and I hadn't deleted anything. 'How could that be?' we wondered.

In my head I asked Z if he could help. He smiled. After dinner - we checked one more time. Surprise ... the lost two pics were back. There's always something about me and Egypt and the magic of it all. Remember that Z played the role of King Tut among others.

Erica puzzled ... How did the pics manifest?


I love pics with reflections of me looking into a mirror. Mirrors to me are like a looking glass into other dimensions. Sometimes when I take pics looking into a mirror - the image is more than anticipated. It could be a spirit or something else not seen through the lens of the camera (phone) or something that is missing. Gazing into a mirror in a dark room with a light - such as a flashlight - under your face produces images of yourself in other realities.

I couldn't resist this mirror that matched my blouse

This amethyst heart geode stole my heart so I bought it.

Erica and I are both Aquarians.

Close-up of the amethyst heart geode