Psychic Therapy

February 8, 2015

I watched the last hour of the Grammy Awards on DVR this morning - and as they say - they saved the best for last running into the 11:00 news which I anticipated, recording that as well. Normally I don't watch the news but they had an interesting feature Sunday night called "Psychic Therapy".

Everything in life has some degree of therapy as most people have applied self-help and self-awareness to their lives over the past decades and are therapists in their own right. We know we are basically a dysfunctional biogenetic experiment set in linear time to experience and study emotions - much like the alien gray agenda. In the end we would come to realize that fact, find ways to heal and help ourselves and others, with the ultimate goal of understanding who we are and why we're here - the biogenetic experiment.

To be a good psychic today means to not only "see" and "hear" and "sense" beyond this level of frequency, but to apply that to the psychological make-up of clients. You also have to read timelines and professionally explain to clients what they should do based on their psychological profile and - more to the point - their programming - what they actually will do. I have been doing this since starting out as a psychic reader 30 years ago.

There have always been terms that define this - therapist, hypnotherapist, counselor, life coach, alternative healer, and endless others - today the term seems to have become Psychic Therapist - new twist on a recycled theme - the term karma replaced with "programming". Psychic Therapists can bring insight - but nothing can change your DNA programming no matter who you consult. If one gets that - they will play things out and watch their lives evolve. This is not - nor has it ever been - easy for fractured souls especially at the end of Time.

Codependency (code-dependency) - you know how much I dislike it - so here's a problem I face - clients with emotional problems - functional or non-functional in life - who become co-dependent - wanting at least one reading a month - often recognizing that they are using me as a therapist - and enjoying my take on their lives. That is not where I want to be nor where I function at my best - shutting them down after a few session. Why? Their lives become frustrating and they vent. I can't be around that energy. Let's cut to the chase ... being around crazy people can bring out the worst in your personality with their neediness that never goes anywhere anyway. Move on ... It is the reason I never followed my career training as a therapist - choosing teaching - and later a psychic reader (not healer). That came naturally to me as I moved toward my purpose here to define the holographic nature of our reality.

A psychic on the news last night mentioned that she doesn't use tools of divination during her readings. During a phone session I use photos of people discussed during the reading to cover everything in the client's life in an expeditious way. Here at home my tools include: palmprints, printed photos, a bit of Numerology and Astrology, my iPad, and have lots of fun with spirits who show up. Why the iPad you ask ... to focus on many areas of a clients's life. For example, if they are considering a job we can go to the website of that company. We often use it to explore their Facebook images, among other helpful things that bring clarity and understanding. The end game is of course to help clients see what's really going on in their live where they are going, and why. More and more clients today understand the hologram - the rest catching up as events in their lives and the world unfold.

What's the best therapy ... in the moment ... laughter.

Then there are patterns. Every week there are patterns that flow through my readings like the patterns of reality that flow through our lives. My favorite pattern was the day I read 4 people who did not know each other and were all left handed. Imagine that!

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