Pillow Talk - Home Sweet Home

Thursday November 9, 2023

My wake-up dream this morning was like a movie as told through the journey of an embroidered pillow that read: "Home Sweet Home".

Originally it was a wedding gift to a newly married US soldier and his wife before he went off to serve in WWI. The pillow was placed on a sofa that spoke to that era of design and was accompanied by the WWI song "Over There".


The same pillow is next seen in the home of a young military couple as the husband is about to ship out during WWII. I got the feeling both couples were related - perhaps father and son. A 1940's phonograph on a wooden end table plays, "We'll Meet Again"


Present Day - The somewhat worn throw pillow is seen on the same sofa as in scenes one and two above. The pillow now belongs to another US military couple - the husband about to deploy to the Middle East - his bags beside the sofa as he kisses his wife goodbye. Sepia photos on a mantle depict the two couples in the first two scenes along with children of varying ages. At that moment I knew reality is coming full circle.


I woke up!

All Empires Eventually Fall

Many New Yorkers see the downfall of the Trump Empire upon which Trump's reputation, fortune and ego are based - and look forward to rejoicing in the fact that Trump will be held accountable for his actions.

Quote from Mary Trump Wednesday: "Trump is trying to spin this case away from the truth which is that he is an entitled loser who did nothing but waste his father's fortune. Every lie he's told - every ounce of psychic energy he has spend over the decades - has been to protect himself from the truth of who he is. The closer he gets to being confronted with the truth the more dangerous and out of control he is going to get. Trump duped his followers as will be presented in court to those who don't already realize the truth.

"Listen to what Donald is telling us. If he wins he will end democracy as we know it. One of the reasons his base is so attached to him is because he is a loser that makes him feel better about themselves. Many love the fact that this entitled extraordinarily privileged white man from New York, gets away with everything. If Republicans cared about democracy - if they cared about fixing their party and the system - they would just take it on the chin and lose the next cycle to reinvent the Republican Party but that is not what they are doing."

Einstein: E=mc2 (squared)

Einstein: Time is an Illusion albeit a persistent one.

Time = Emotions. Consciousness overrides Time.

The Human Experiment is coming to an end - so too is the
American Experiment both based on the same algorithm.

Reality by the numbers

Monday I walked past two 12 year old girls playing hopscotch after school. One was Muslim wearing a hijab - the other was not. They were laughing and having fun as besties do at that age. I'm sure they are aware of the dangers in today's world but in that moment they were just two friends who wanted to "Be Happy" which they had written on the ground as a memo to those who walked by. We smiled at each other. They asked if I wanted to play but I didn't have 'time' leaving them to enjoy the moment.

The Game is Ending

Fibonacci Numbers: We are at 0,1 reversing to 0

Conscious Creations - Fade to Black

Simulation Theory

November 11, 2023 - US Veterans Day

November 11, 1918 - World War I ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

John Paul Jones Park across from my home - down the block from Fort Hamilton

11:11 Phenomenon and Digital Time Code

Saturday is 11.11. Many people still see 11:11 and wonder what it means. It's part of time. It's part of the Fibonacci Sequence (0,1,1 etc.) It's Binary Code all of which make the illusion of reality seem real to your brain. At the end of the day realty is math and science, illusion and delusion.

Sunset Themes

Beam Me Up

At the end of the day ...

Reflections in Time