UFO Sightings Increasing in End Times

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They may not all be UFO sightings but extraterrestrial monitoring of the planet is increasing due to: war in the Middle East and in Europe with a threat of nuclear destruction, climate change, and chaos in general. It's all going somewhere.

US is receiving dozens of UFO reports a month, senior Pentagon official tells CNN   CNN - October 18, 2023
The US government is receiving dozens of reports of UFOs, each month, according to the director of the office established to investigate the incidents, with the potential for hundreds, if not thousands more reports expected in the near future.

Cloud Scrying - October 18, 2023

Pic taken from my terrace facing the Verrazano Bridge

Interpret it any way you want! For me it's phallic. (Enlarge)

On a more serious note - with wars threatening the destruction
of civilizations today - I also see it as a nuclear war cloud.

Language of the Gods - Connecting the Narratives

Wednesday October 18, 2023

Late afternoon Z guided me to walk to the promenade that runs alongside the Verrazano Bridge just across the street from my home.

As I walked down the incline to the promenade ... a feather flew past landing on the ground in front of me. I picked it up remembering Z had also guided me to wear my Native American copper and turquoise feather earrings. I wondered if there was a connection to Native American Spirits though I sensed none with me.

In the distance I heard a strange 'whistling' sound - probably from a boat.

Z said ... "Remember ... the Whistled Languages ... the Language of the Birds ... the Language of the Gods" something that has always connected me to the Ancients and messages encoded in the Hebrew language. Again I felt as if a distant memory was downloading/surfacing linked to my destiny as the 'bigger picture' comes into view.

A friend named Chris (Asian, male) walked by and took this pic after which we sat on a bench enjoying the energies of Autumn.

Heading home a short time later - we passed a young Muslim couple and their beautiful baby daughter. They asked Chris to take a pic after which we all sent positive energies to those involved with the Israel-Hamas War in the Middle East that began 11 days ago. It's all connected.

As to the feather ... On the way home I threw it in the water and watched it float away ...

Coffee, Spirits, and War

Tuesday October 17, 2023

My first client today was a wealthy Jewish real estate developer from Manhattan arriving early with a cup of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. We talked about many topics from his personal issues to the war in Israel.

He started to tear up as he told me that his neighbor's daughter was one of the people killed at the concert when the Israel-Hamas War began ten days ago. He wanted to know if I could connect with her and so I did - her messages highly emotional and personal. There will be others ...

There's a Ghost in the House

Ghosts, or spirits, visit my apartment all the time. I have been told by scientists who test the energies with scientific equipment - and others who are able to detect spirits psychically - that my top-floor apartment is a portal to the other side that opens and closes.

Halloween decorations generally fill my area of Bay Ridge at this time - but the energies this year are different. One lone ghost can be seen on the fourth floor as a physical decoration - or perhaps symbolically as a ghost of the past.

Ellie's Mirror Reflection in the Matrix of Time

Autumn Sunset and Solar Reflections

Tuesday October 17, 2023

Simulation Inserts are Monoliths of Dark Energy that Program Reality

Inserts contain encoded messages emerging from the 'black hole' of creation on the other side of reality.