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May 25-31, 2016

Fleet Week NYC

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Since 1984, New York City has held Fleet Week to honor the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The week features extensive military demonstrations, as well as the opportunity for the public to tour some of the visiting ships. The Memorial Day commemoration is a highlight of the week's festivities, featuring the singing of Taps and a military aircraft fly over in honor of those who lost their lives in service to the United States.

May 25, 1420

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Henry the Navigator became Grandmaster of
the Order of Christ, of the Knights Templar.

A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst,

than in the beginning of danger.

Henry the Navigator

Henry the Navigator was an important figure in 15th-century Portuguese politics and in the early days of the Portuguese Empire. Through his administrative direction, he is regarded as the main initiator of what would be known as the Age of Discoveries. Henry was the third child of the Portuguese king John I and responsible for the early development of Portuguese exploration and maritime trade with other continents through the systematic exploration of Western Africa, the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, and the search for new routes. King John I was the founder of the House of Aviz. Henry encouraged his father to conquer Ceuta (1415), the Muslim port on the North African coast across the Straits of Gibraltar from the Iberian Peninsula. He learned of the opportunities from the Saharan trade routes that terminated there, and became fascinated with Africa in general; he was most intrigued by the Christian legend of Prester John and the expansion of Portuguese trade. Henry is regarded as the patron of Portuguese exploration.

UFOs and Antarctica

In the early 1990's my friend Deja (Cheryl) and I ... along wth others ... would remote view in time and space. One of the first places we went was beneath Antarctica and not at all to our surprise we found UFOs and ancient cities. My reaction when seeing the antiquated ships was, "I can get them up and running by using my mind." Deja and I understood that we were traveling grid to grid - timeline to timeline - but it felt real enough to keep exploring.

Along the way we discovered we were brothers in another lifetime, Jewish physicists forced to work for the Nazi's during World War II. Our work wasn't actually about the esoteric artifacts Hitler was seeking but about time travel though they are connected. As the internet emerged we realized there was lots of information out there about bases beneath Antarctica whose information overlapped with our remote viewing. The Stargate Atlantis further reinforced our conclusions about an underground base/stargate buried beneath the ice in Antarctica. Great mythology. If you can remote view ... please go have a look.

When I first created Crystalinks in 1995 - I included files about 12 pyramids strategically placed across the planet each containing a device that sustains the hologram of our reality. I also created meditations/initiations in each of the 12 pyramids.

We now come to "Ancient Aliens" season 11 episode one "Pyramids of Antarctica". The episode starts off with everything we know about the alleged underground world of Antarctica which I listened to while working at the computer ... until something caught my eye. I paused the video and stared at the image of the alleged Pyramid of Antarctica below ... my mind trying to associated it with something on Crystalinks. Then I remembered the Initiation in the Antarctica Pyramid a file I created 20 years ago with small updates and links through the years. The image has remained the same as something about it connects to a hidden truth for me ... a memory if you will. Today the quest continues as it has with every group of humans who inhabited planet Earth ... the mission ... discovering their creator and where it's all going.

Image from Crystalinks 1996 ... Note the UFO's

Image from "Pyramids of Antarctica"

Video of the episode at 25:25 is what I saw including ancient UFOs
(David Childress is talking)