Human Migration December 2023

The journey of humanity across space and time has always depicted populations of people in a specific region moving elsewhere for whatever their reasons.

Borders change - resulting in civilization changes - as is the pattern of human migration. Sometimes a civilization seems to disappear for reasons unknown - later believing to have been caused by climate change, natural disasters, or war ... all issues we face today.

Safe havens on planet Earth are becoming few and far between as our planetary entity shuts down and the simulation of reality closes. So where does that leave downtrodden societies today? The answer is seeking asylum elsewhere that might afford the opportunity to have some quality of life for themselves and their families.

One of the most serious issues facing the United States today is the influx of migrants at the southern border as it impacts everything in the country one way or another and could lead to another term for Trump. The Senate has remained in session this week, rather than starting its holiday recess, so that its members can continue to negotiate over border security measures.

I will never forget my vision of people with all sorts of agendas storming the Southern border and taking over the country. Is it currently happening?

Illegal Aliens Trying to Cross the Border

October 2023

The migration crisis across the country grows dire as busloads of migrants arrive each day in sanctuary cities including New York City. 10 of the Largest Sanctuary Cities in the United States.

They bring with them a desire to find a better life for themselves and their families, but many have physical and mental health issues and no way to take care of themselves once they arrive.

New York City, where I live, is a sanctuary city that has become overly saturated with migrants as each day the news shows busloads of people coming into the city with nowhere to go - and apparently little to no help from the federal government.

For years, I had a recurring visual of undocumented migrants from Central and South America flooding the border and overrunning the country. In some ways this is what is going on today.

Americans understand that this is a humanitarian crisis as most have parents or grandparents who immigrated here from other countries in the past. But those were different times. Today we face often unsolvable crises, including homelessness, climate, economy, politics, mental and physical health issues, and social issues.

Technology often shows us who we are, but not how we can resolve the issues - because they are not meant to be resolved as the algorithm of our reality is about the study of emotions, and with that comes chaos. The world is in crisis as we come to the end of the experience/ experiment.

Migrant Protest in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Tuesday October 3, 2023

Late this afternoon I took a pic from my terrace then went downstairs to see what was going. It appears protesters, police, the press and others had come out on this summer-like evening to protest the rumor that migrant shelters were possibly going to be set up in Bay Ridge.

Curtis Sliwa, Ari Cagan, Scott Lobaido, politicians, and Bay Ridge residents gathered for a pre-emptive rally to protest migrants potentially coming to Bay Ridge. According to Curtis Sliwa his anonymous informants in City Hall told him that 4 locations are being considered: Shore Road Park, 86/7th Motel, Field between Poly Perp & VA Hospital, & US Army's Fort Hamilton.

Wednesday I spoke to a woman I know at Democratic Councilman Justin Brannan's office. Brennan denies any of this is true and that it's all politically driven - posting this statement on Facebook. I believe Brannan - though things can change as time goes by.

Videos from the protest

The Asylum Seekers and the Parents

May 15, 2023

The migrant crisis in New York City is reaching a new high as buses arrive every day. Officials in the city say we are reaching a breaking point which they should have anticipated since New York is a sanctuary state. 11 Sanctuary States and the District of Columbia

As I blogged many times in the past ... Where do you put asylum seekers and how can they possibly fit into an already overcrowded city? Moving further north or east to Long Island we find people whose communities do not want them - and I don't blame them. Poverty comes with many issues. Many people with homes in those areas moved out of the city to escape crime and for a better future - not to worry about it being ripped away because of an unresolved situation created by the federal government.

Public schools in New York City do not have the best of reputations unless they are specialty schools. I should know because I taught in them. Parents tend to send their children to private or religious schools because they feel safer and the education is better. Parents and students in most local NYC public schools remain cautious about neighborhood conditions - and do not deserve this additional burden.

Each morning this week protesters are seen in front of local public schools where the city is trying to house asylum seekers in gyms - disrupting normal school activities, as well as graduation activities, and graduations themselves.

This is the last thing students need after three years of dealing with Covid.

Asylum seekers have been through many trials and tribulations - so where does that leave them physically and emotionally and could they easily turn into a life of crime to survive? Don't we have enough crime in the United States these days? Currently New York City is trying to figure out ways to stop the massive amounts of shoplifting, find housing and care for the homeless and mentally ill who wander the streets and subways - among other issues facing the city.

A suggestion has been floated to send the asylum-seekers to Rikers Island.

When I watch news clips of what's going on across the country - I sometimes wonder if we're turning into a dystopian society.

Title 42 Ends - Southern Border Immigration Crisis

May 11, 2023

We know that most government systems are broken and often run by people who don't prepare for the inevitable such as climate change, pandemics, and events with global ramifications such as migrant crises. But we also know that in our simulation most systems are set up for failure to create the emotions linked to chaos.

The world is facing a huge migrant crisis based on many factors including poverty, crime, government corruption, climate change, and more. There really doesn't seem to be much in the way of solutions as the numbers grow and safe havens can no longer be offered. The fate of migrants who crossed into European countries from Africa and the Middle East shows homelessness, street crime, health issues and more.

Title 42 expired today May 11, 2023 - leaving the United States to face an overwhelming influx of asylum seekers - mostly from South and Central America but also from other countries.

We understand the nature of this humanitarian crisis - but the United States is simply not prepared to take care of the overwhelming numbers of people arriving at the southern border each day - some legal - some not.

Some are being bused to cities that don't want them because they know migrants come with issues having to deal with caretaking and health - both physically and emotionally. These asylum seekers have been abused in their country of origin, but things do not seem to be going well for most of them as they arrive here.

Everything having to do with this migration has to be done legally, or else the United States will be thrown into chaos, which is already happening.

Asylum seekers may be moving beyond the hardships of their homeland but now face a whole new set of issues in the US. Living here today is no 'easy street'.

Unless properly planned this will definitely create problems for Americans struggling to survive climate change, economic upheaval, and other broken systems. Sanctuary cities are being filled to capacity, so what happens next?

New York City where I live - not only faces issues from asylum seekers but the homeless who are generally mentally ill and substance abusers. Growing problems with no solutions once again influence the human experience.

Never say, "When my ancestors came here ...". Those were different times and circumstances when the US was a "start up". That reality no longer exists and don't think those people didn't sacrifice, struggle, and suffer.