Microburst Rocks Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

July 25, 2023

Though rain was expected this afternoon - no one was prepared for this. At 3:30pm I was reading a client when my attention was riveted to a bolt of lightning so wide it looked like a rip in the fabric of space-time. It was followed by loud thunder, high winds, and torrential rain. I feel connected to lightning so this was special as I described it to my client.

Neighboring Bensonhurst (Bay Ridge Parkway and 18th Ave) had an even weirder weather event - described as looking like a tornado with winds clocked at 70 mph - toppling trees onto cars. Luckily residents did not lose access to their homes and there were no reported injuries or power outages.

National Weather Service confirms microburst hit Bensonhurst, Brooklyn as storms moved through region. Videos posted here.

Many have come to recognize this as the norm. No one can deny climate change is here to stay and accelerating exponentially as per the algorithms that create the illusion of our reality.

It's a process of figuring out that we are witnessing end times - either from a biblical perspective (prophecy) or the fact that we live in a simulation (science and math). Understanding puts climate and other global events into proper perspective.

An example would be the non-sensical adventures of Donald Trump. It's his programming and ongoing busy-work for those who follow ... until they stop. He taps into dysfunctional emotions rolled up into one asset.

As humans are an emotionally based experiment - most will come from the perspective that someone out there will find a way to fix things. Not happening. We manifested from chaos - experienced in much the same manner - and so we shall go out. It's about Time.

Climate Anxiety

July 10, 2023

I have a male friend in Tampa who gets panic attacks before and during a storm wherein he lies in bed - immobile - until it passes. With insurance often expensive and hard to get in Florida - storms and tornados can destroy everything in one's world in a few seconds.

Anxiety comes from fear and panic disorders. Usually the person is predisposed to anxiety disorders and depression - oftentimes a drinker.

This reminds me of people who developed Covid anxiety or burnout (the mini-breakdown) - after having Covid. Most were predisposed to depression and anxiety - Covid exacerbating a pre-existing condition.

Then there's the fact that exponentially a growing number of people understand the planet will be not sustainable much longer - that we are in end times - and worry about what happens next.

Years of studies may have led you to believe that we are moving to a higher level of consciousness and light - however you envision that - but is it true or something you've read or heard about that brings comfort? You may envision gods, aliens, religious icons, deceased loved ones, other - but is that what's really in the grids (matrix) of reality?

You might be surprised at the answer.

Two Psychologists Say Your Climate Anxiety Isn't Actually About Personal Risk.   Science Alert - July 10, 2023
It manifests out of concerns for global and societal consequences of climate change and impacts on animals and vulnerable populations

Eco-anxiety (short for ecological anxiety and also known as eco-distress or climate-anxiety) has been defined as "a chronic fear of environmental doom". Extensive studies have been done on ecological anxiety since 2007, and various definitions remain in use. Another widely cited definition is: "the generalized sense that the ecological foundations of existence are in the process of collapse." Continue reading

Extreme Heat

This month is the planet's hottest on record by far - and hottest in around 120,000 years, scientists say

Extraordinary photos of July's extreme weather   BBC - July 29, 2023

Heat Fatigue

Do you ever read the news about people who are hiking in temperatures over 100° and wonder what would have possessed them to do that?

I know how important moving the body is for people, especially those with anxiety disorders, but be discerning and stay in cool places preferably air-conditioned. Remember that air quality can be poor due to wildfires from Canada as well as the US.

A dip in the ocean doesn't help very much especially when water temperatures - such as those in Florida - have been recorded this week to be 100°. Like a hot tub: Water temperatures off Florida soar over 100 degrees, stunning experts

Heat affects all sentient life forms - consciously or subconsciously. I've never heard so many reports of people fainting and experiencing reality being surreal - as if they were watching events rather than participating. I guess the word is lightheaded, but this goes beyond the classical definition.

Strangeness and human consciousness are shifting - with a feeling of disconnect - so be alert and please take care of yourself. Stay in the air conditioning as much as possible.

Atlantic Happenings

A major ocean current system in the Atlantic could be about to collapse as soon as 2025, concerning new peer-reviewed research suggests.   Science Alert - July 26, 2023

Gulf Stream current could collapse in 2025, plunging Earth into climate chaos   Live Science - July 26, 2023