What Men tell me ... What Women tell me

August 17, 2013

Psychic readings today are not just about seeing the future. Most overlap into some sort of therapy sessions especially when it comes to relationships. With burnout, and changes in society, people want to be taken care of and feel financially secure. It can come from investments, inheritance, and hard work through the years. Few people think their job is worth the time and energy currently put into it.

The blog below is what men and women currently tell me about relationships.

Men tell me women don't listen. Women tell me men don't listen.

Divorced men tell me their ex-wives are crazy. Women tell me the same. Both cite the behavior of the other to prove their case. Did they consider that the bad relationship made them behave that way? Both need therapy to get past the past.

Men and women tell me they would rather remain in a bad relationship then live alone. Many people have never learned how to live alone or they are simply programmed to stay.

Insecure men and women tell me they track their partners. Most are correct when they feel the partner is cheating, but many become paranoid without justification. It's so easy to track someone these days.

Men often lie and tell me they don't cheat. Women always admit to an affair.

Men and women tell me they would never date in the workplace ... yet some do. They tell me they would never date someone married ... yet many do.

Men tell me women want to be taken care of, especially as women get to their late 40's and early 50's where they burn out due to hormonal changes and life. Most men tell me they can't afford to take care of a women especially if she is needy. They shouldn't have to. Today, life burns people out.

Men and women still tell me they make the mistake of keeping their partner by lending them money. Bad idea even if it's for a business partnership.

Burned out women tell me that they just want to share their lives and expenses with a man, but for the most part they are deluding themselves as they want to be taken care of. Honest women and men, will admit they want someone with money. There are women who are willing to share with a man, at a level equal to their own. These are women who have security, grown children, or no children, and are ready to enjoy life.

Women and men tell me they generally don't like dating. Men tell me they do it for sex. Women tell me they do it to find a life partner who is their equal ... or for the sex.

When it comes to sex, women tell me they want a man who is well endowed. They also hope for a soul connection which = passionate sex. Men simply want hot women.

Men and women tell me they understand who they are in relationships and what their parameters should be. Those who don't, repeat the same patterns with the same types of partners over and over again until they give up.

Men with emotional problems tell me they enjoy the challenges of women with issues. Those relationships develop control issues that wear everyone down. If you have to analyze your relationship over and over, let it go. You are overcompensating.

Men and women tell me that they work out their unresolved issues in relationships, often knowing they will end.

Men tell me women are crazy. Women tell me that men are crazy. We already know that most people have issues, so that explains it. Your partner is a refection of your issues.

Women tell me they work on themselves. Men tell me they try to work on themselves.

Women tell me that men can move quickly into a relationship then change their mind overnight and are gone without reason.

Men tell me that if not for sex, they would be happy alone or having a female friend which many of them do, even gay men.

Gay men tell me they are happy not to have the issues straight men do pertaining to sex and relationships. And yet ... they have their own sets of issues. No one goes without issues.

Men and women often tell me they understand how the program works ... and yet ignore the fact that everything they do ... everyone they involve with ... is all part of a greater plan to study emotions.

People learn through all of their relationships as they experience here. It would seem the lucky ones find a partner when they are mature enough and grow together through the decades. The rest of humanity is just hoping for the best as they muddle through life and love.

WOMEN 2013