Israel-Hamas War (Not Just Another War)

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October 7, 2023

Ukraine: It's been almost 20 months since Russia invaded Ukraine. You've read about events there and perhaps prayed for the victims of what seems to be a never-ending war where there are no winners - just death and destruction - images of crumbling cities - looking much like a major earthquake has struck and in some ways it has as those regions will never be the same.

Israel: Here we are again with another ally, Israel, being attacked by a neighboring country with obvious help from a more powerful adversary of the US. Both wars have things in common from surprise attacks to the fact that these events were inevitable as they have a history as adversaries.

Collateral Damage: Many civilians will die before this is over as Israel seeks to eradicate Hamas once and for all.

Americans: Americans have been killed - others taken hostage - others trying to get out of Israel. Many unknowns.

Politically: Israel has been in chaos in recent years much like the US - our bipartisan system demonstrating its weaknesses. We need a Speaker of the House asap in a divided Republican party.

Family: I have no family in Israel though I know people there. Nikki's oldest son Matthew - premed at Tulane - was scheduled to work as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Israel the summer of 2024. He is currently considering other options that keep him in the US.

Media: All day long the news broadcasts updated information about events in Israel as the facts are unfolding and people recount their tragic experiences. Decide which media outlet best aligns for you or chose more than one as reporting can be inaccurate.

Social Media: Conspiracy theories can make matters worse with platforms of disinformation and personal agendas by those who create them.

Cyber: Israeli cyber security obviously failed on Saturday as the attack was well orchestrated over time.

Hebrew People: It saddens the heart that this group of souls spent eternity in search of a homeland and peace that will not be attained in the time remaining. But like most cultures - they are a proud and strong people determined to fight for freedom and should not be underestimated.

Mental Health: October 10 was World Mental Health Day. Each year there is greater understanding that in our bipolar reality - human behavior is programmed with mental illness to create the full gamut of emotions. Every day is a mental health day as people across the world try to figure out the best way to cope with emotions and the Human Experiment.

Freedom Tower From the Staten Island Expressway

Sunday October 8, 2023

Reality changed forever on 9/11 (9=endings) - (11=towers, twins) when the insert (algorithm) for closure manifested. It took us full circle to the Middle East where it all began and has accelerated exponentially ever since.

Driving back from New Jersey after spending a wonder day with my family - I noticed an interesting rectangular cloud formation looking like a platform. It took me back to a remote view I did with friends years ago in which we found ourselves on a platform - UFO observing reality from above.

This cloud formation was not a reflection of anything on the dash as there was nothing there. Clouds can form geometric shapes.

For me this was a message from the "cloud" as I "heard" ... "You are watched and protected".

Cloud Image Cropped

October 11, 2023

International Day of the Girl Child - Wikipedia

On this day my mind takes me to images of children around the world who are migrants - or come from war-torn countries - to those left with nothing due to climate change - as reality rages out of control.

This is not just for girls but for all children who have to witness hopelessness every day.

We all know the issues that face female children and teens - leaving a scar on their souls forever. Child abuse is the worse thing that can happen to a soul.

I know I'm suppose to write that things will get better but we all know that events today - highlighted in Israel - will grow worse becoming global.

Speaking of Israel - which goes back to the beginning of civilization out of the Middle East - the war today with Hamas (a barbaric group of terrorists much like ISIS) - creates special energies that reverberate throughout the space-time grids signaling humanity to a new reckoning. It's all going somewhere and as an American I hope it's not coming here until the final moments.

To the young female children and teenage girls - I'm sure you have your stories to share and wounds to heal in most cases. I hope you are programmed to find some degree of happiness and purpose.

To plot a course in end times can no longer be done in the long term - but in the moment.

Fertile Crescent - Mesopotamia - Anunnaki

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October 14, 2023

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