Galactic Center Cloud Formation

June 17, 2016

City lights prevent me from seeing most celestial objects.

This unusual cloud formation, seen from my window this morning,

reminded me of the Galactic Center and the black hole within.

Hello Z ...

Hello Ellie ...

I wasn't the only one drawn to the sunrise this morning.
The New York Times posted this pic and story in its morning briefing.

New York Today: Lady Liberty Lands   New York Times - June 17, 2016

Today we celebrate one of our city's most famous immigrants: the Statue of Liberty. She arrived from France in 212 crates on this day in 1885. But it took a while to get her on her feet. Because of a lack of funding, she lay in pieces for about a year. (Contrary to popular belief, she wasn't a gift from the French government but rather a crowdsourced project largely funded by French and American citizens.) She's been our city's steady guardian for more than 130 years, but her symbolism has shifted with the times. In her early years, there was an attempt to make her a lighthouse. She looked more like a glow worm than a beacon, The New York World wrote.

She has represented the abolitionist movement - notice the chains at her feet - and, of course, shelter for immigrants. But the association with immigrants did not take firm hold until the 1930s, said Edward Berenson, a professor of history at New York University. "At first, the symbolism surrounding her was xenophobic, not pro-immigration," he said. When plans to build an immigrant-processing center on what's now known as Liberty Island were proposed, there was a public uproar. Her image was used in newspaper cartoons to express some pretty awful associations attached to European immigrants. The center went to Ellis Island. She's quite the chameleon. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that today some are calling attention to her original incarnation, as a Muslim. The French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi initially conceived the statue as a Muslim peasant to stand at the approach to the Suez Canal.

The Statue of Liberty is SoL

The term "sol" is used by planetary astronomers
to refer to the duration of a solar day on Mars.

We have the technology to look for ET right now - why don't we?   New Scientist - June 17, 2016
The search could be on. A new study suggests that Hubble's successor, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), has the potential to search three freshly discovered planets to see if anyone lives there. The planets, which orbit a star just 40 light years from Earth, were discovered last month. Researchers suggest the JWST could probe their atmospheres for signs of life after it launches in 2018. But will it? This is the latest salvo in a debate raging through the astronomy community. Astronomers are finally on the technological brink of being able to answer the question: Are we alone? Although the answer could be transformative and NASA cites the search as part of its primary mission, the quest so far has been slow and indirect - and many think that's not enough.

"Independence Day: Resurgence" 6.24.16

I've watched the film Independence Day so many times, I've memorized all the lines. The trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence starts off with ... "I can't believe it's been 20 years." I would agree as so much has happened.

7.4.96 ... "Independence Day" awakened many of us ... The Internet was in its infancy as was Crystalinks. Consciousness was changing as was technology and human design.

Since then hundreds of people have seen UFOs and had paranormal experiences. I don't know how I know - but the biogenetic experiments on humans - most likely by the Grays - ended in 2007 though some report telepathic communication since then. It's all in the grids.

The average person knows governments cover things up, are in collusion with aliens, or at least they were, and yet nothing conclusive has been proven to the people of the world as to races and agendas.

Those of us connected to alien research have come a long way in determining that ... our planet was once visited by aliens whose agenda is programmed to influence us today. The way I see it ... these are just subroutines in the simulation in which we experience.

Studying about aliens - sooner or later leads one to the understanding that reality is a consciousness experiment in which we are participating. It will end along with the illusion of time.

People always ask me if aliens will make themselves know during the course of their experience here. I see that happening as the simulation ends and all grids collide.

Some people tell me they already interact with aliens - others say they are waiting - while the rest of the population has little or no interest while programmed to be enmeshed in the dramas of every day life.

I had one physical alien experience when I was 11. Since then I have only seen ships that I believe our government created.

Consciousness is moving beyond "lights in the sky". None of this is relevant anymore until we actually have physical interaction on a global scale that we can process in the hopes of making sense of the journey here. At the end of the day it's just an experience set in time to study emotions.

Scripts and storylines can be recycled in and out of reality but Independence Day comes when it ends. FADE TO BLACK