a Fun With Facial Masks

Fun With Facial Masks

My granddaughter Joie and her friend Kara having fun with facial masks

February 20, 2018

This morning I watched the ladies from the Today show, on location at the winter Olympics, demonstrate Korean facial masks made from natural products. Personally I have never tried a facial though the opportunity presented itself many times in the past. I think I'm different than most people, mainly women, in that I don't get involved with healthcare regimes that most enjoy and engage in. I'm not saying they don't work, I'm just saying they are not for me. I have clients and friends who are estheticians - someone who deals with beauty and skin care - and yet I never engaged in their services when offered.

The purposes of facial masks vary from deep-cleansing, to healing acne scars or hyper-pigmentation, to illumination of skin tone ... Ellie thinking about it then remembering that a women she met Monday complimented her skin ... that was nice of her especially at my age. I've never considered cosmetic surgery. Botox? I've seen how beautiful it makes some women look but it's still creepy to me. I know a man who had his forehead botoxed and somehow it affected his vision. I'm sure he's the exception. Another women got migraine headaches and yet somebody else said it helped migraines. Go figure! Once you start I don't believe you can stop.

Last year saw a huge surge in facial masks made from ... natural products, clay which is said to draw out impurities, sheet masks in which a paper mask is dampened with liquid to tone and moisturize the skin, vegetables, mud, charcoal, lace, rubber, peel-off masks, and even glow masks that come in shades of silver and gold, among others. Just thinking about it makes my skin cringe.

To me it's all about making money, and as with products created by Goop, makes no sense to me. People have always found ways to combine healing with metaphysical products and lingo that for some reason come as dysfunctional to me. Take for example the term, "Conscious Uncoupling". A divorce is a divorce and goes to the psychological background of the people involved ... nothing more. Then there's this whole thing about mindfulness ... another term for those who psychologically need to find a way to focus their minds because they might have ADD or something else that prevents them from making decisions. I don't know why the things people do in metaphysics really turned me off, but they do. Maybe it's because I know that everything that happens is based on the way we are programmed. It's that simple. Ah ... that's what it is. I like to keep things simple. OK ... I should respect the fact that people go to metaphysical healing to find answers and that's all part of their equation.

As to using or playing with a facial mask like Joie and Kara ... it doesn't appeal/a peel.