Ellie Welcomes Fleet Week 2018

Today I met a friend named Ben who works in production at CBS. We met on the esplanade near Shore Road to watch the Parade of Ships that comes here for Fleet Week every year. I drove up in my car having run errands earlier while Ben arrived before me on his bicycle. It was 10:30 as we sat on a bench talking while watching for the ships to start their parade. Many smaller local ships passed by, Ben having been in the navy, pointing out a coast guard cutter and the tug boats that lead the ships into the harbor.

Ben captured this image of me which included the full expanse of the bridge.
He did a great job. Thanks Ben ... it was a fun moment.

The day started foggy and chilly making everything surreal ....

What good is this experience without a gusty wind now and again spraying water as I stood near the railing watching the ships come in. Ben and I had considered going to the pier on 65th St. a favorite place but probably way too crowded on this day. At least there were benches with large trees providing shade for those of us who don't like the sun. One woman told us that she had been sitting there waiting for the ships since 7:30 in the morning. She was elderly and I believe she forgot that nothing comes by till at least 10:30.

Tick tock. It was now 12:30 as we spotted the first ship in the distance, probably near Coney Island. Many people had left while others stayed and waited. There were no spray boats with red, white, and blue water this year, which I look forward to. Picture below near the Statute of Liberty, is a spray boat with water, but not in patriotic colors. Passing before anyone could get a shot were two plane that flew overhead spraying something blue into the air reminding me of crop dusting.

As the first boat passed by, we joined the parade of onlookers taking pictures until it was time to leave. This pic shows the first ship that sailed under the bridge. Ben googled its name but I don't remember what he said.

We only stayed to watch two large ships go by.

The second ship we saw is in the video above.

Hi Guys ... Did I get the salute right this time?

Every year I enjoy watching the Parade of Ships sailing under the Verrazano Bridge as Fleet Week begins. It's fun and signals the start of Memorial Day Weekend. The 30th annual event will include public visitation of participating ships, military band concerts, several exhibits and more through Monday, May 28. The ships will depart on Tuesday, May 29. Over 2,300 members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard are expected to visit New York City as part of the festivities.

This year things don't feel the same. Maybe its the weird weather that is programmed to happen in this timeline, which makes everything seem surreal at times. Or maybe it has to do with the hologram exposing itself to those who see beyond the illusion. We're all coming at this from a different perspective but it's nothing more than our eyes looking out and the chemicals in the brain processing what they see. It sounds a lot like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality as we understand it at this level of consciousness.

I've been really busy with clients who are trying to make sense of the energetic changes they are experiencing which have nothing to do with the political climate. Speaking of which ... I've had my fill of Trump and haven't been following what's going on for weeks. There continues to be too many conspiracy theories which may or may not have merit. I don't feel connected to sifting through the rhetoric to find out what's really going on because the truth is never given. In recent months people have mentioned concepts such as the electric universe, something called the Q phenomenon, and other recycled things that are more busy work and I would rather play.

On a positive note people are opening to Simulation Theory as reality is reaching its end point - no date given - just trust it. Conversations also go to AI and where we're going as a human experiment. We're not chasing the things we used to in metaphysics, like moving physically into higher dimensions, etc. We're becoming more realistic about what the future holds if anything. We are evolving out of here. Like Lady Liberty who sits in the harbor just outside my window - Freedom really is just ahead. Wait for it.

Fleet Week Events

Memorial Day May 28, 2018 in Bay Ridge Brooklyn