Coney Island Revisited 6.6.16

June 6, 2016

There are many reasons we visit the past - mostly to bring things full circle - the feeling of completion. Maybe that's why our souls keep recycling in the hologram of our reality.

On this gorgeous day in New York City, my friend Anna and I stopped at Coney Island - the original "Fun House" where I spent the first 11 years of my life until things changed and I moved to Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. Still there was always a special connection - many of my experiences blogged about over the years. That feeling is now complete along with many other things that were part of my journey. Anna feels the same. We laughed at how we like to downsize and throw things away.

I wasn't programmed to heal myself - as there was nothing to heal. I know what you're thinking ... "You're lucky". Yes I am but I was never programmed for drama. I explored healing and energy, channeling, etc. as I posted about them on Crystalinks - but never fully connected. Humor is the best healing tool. I won't get into how people are programmed to live in drama as the engine that propels the hologram.

If I want to connect with the other side I align my grid with what you might call the "matrix" where one can go anywhere and see/be anyone. I had fun with crop circles and other esoteric topics, but they were just in the moment as they are for most of us.

Aliens ... unless one shows up and we have proof of life ... that feels done also. That they are/were part of our past, present, and future... in a simulation all things are possible, but now it's time to stop chasing myths and metaphors and focus on the hologram.

Anna and I talked about how disconnected from reality people are becoming... how it's looping and all of the subtle changes some people notice and other people don't focus on. Every day less and less makes sense.

We discussed Donald Trump as this is the year of the craziest presidential race to date - with the least liked remaining candidates. What would the world be like if Trump were president? He behaves like a young child who does not know how to filter their comments and behavior. They act impulsively in the moment without regret.

Only a crazy hologram could come up with such a solution to get rid of the establishment and the old ways. But do we really want the country run by someone with a childish emotional base? Do we have other options? We're screwed ... or is that the point in the spirals of consciousness? He's going to win.