December 24, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Chanukah - Festival of Lights

Christmas Files and Related

Crystalinks Christmas Songs

The Christmas Tree in the Lobby 2016 ...

Hi Santa ... It's me Ellie.

I've been a little good girl this year.

Grant me one wish.

Let's open the door.

The Gift

Holidays are a time we give gifts. As you know gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and frequencies. It is considered a gift if someone is psychic. But there is another gift that many people possess ... the ability to read others ... a skill developed through years of interaction with people ... staying focused and aware by following the patterns of human, and even animal, behavior. They may not be able to read future timelines ... but they can predict possibilities based on conclusion drawn that help them make decisions in their personal lives.


The Magi, The Star of Bethlehem, Star of David or Merkabah, the Jesus Myth, Religions, Aliens, all connected to Z (time). ... A Magus was a Zoroastrian astrologer-priest from ancient Persia. The best known Magi are the "Wise Men from the East" in the Bible. In English, the term may refer to a shaman, sorcerer, or wizard; it is the origin of the English words magic and magician. Magi further connect with Ancient Alien Theory meaning if you don't believe in mythological gods - how about alien creators in this timeline to help you make sense of things? No? Then how about a consciousness hologram in which you are vicariously experiencing that you figure out in the end as it Fades to Black?

Z: The Beginning of Everything ...

And The End ... Back to Black


Z: The Beginning of Everything

Ellie and Z sketched by Deja Allison in 1989 as guided by Z.

Back to Black

December 21, 2016

Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth Sign ruled by Saturn.

Happy Birthday to the Capricorn Readers along for the ride with Ellie and

Z(oroaster) ... the last letter of some Alphabets. (A-Z and back)

A line connecting the beginning and end of the Z creates as hourglass in time.

Close your eyes. What remains in the hourglass (our class)?

Zoroaster as a Sumerian God developed an early form of astrology.

Z is not wearing two wrist watches - more like Apple watches.
One is a teleportation device the other for communication ...
Which takes us to Mercury, Thoth, Hermes, etc.

December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice

Astronomical Observatories - Newgrange


This is about Magic, Alchemy, and

Merlin aka Hermes, Thoth, Trickster, and Mercury which is now retrograde

How does Mercury Retrograde affect your holiday season?

Travel: delays, lost luggage

Shopping: wrong purchases

Interaction with family and friends: Watch what you say.

Work: You'll rush to finish and forget or lose things.

In general things could appear to go wrong at every turn.

Mercury is the Trickster, an alchemist, and a magician
who creates realities in the duality of time and space.