Ellie's 2012 Adventures in Southern California

Friday November 30 - Friday December 7, 2012

In all I had an amazing time in California. The weather wasn't the best - a mix of sun, clouds, and rain, but I worked around it and prefer cooler temperatures. I want to thank George, my cohort in this hologram, who posted photos all week combined with my text and some of his own! (giggle) I think he loved the role of Zoltar. I also want to thank Karen from Laguna Beach for helping me set up the workshop, Laurel from Panaroma City who played tour guide and more, John who flew in from Tampa for the workshop then spent several days with me, and the other special friends I made along the way. As a New Yorker, I most appreciated how polite people were - great energies.

My favorite places were La Jolla, Balboa Beach, and Laguna, in that order. I was guided to spent the entire trip along the coast - the need to visit the mountains, deserts, inner cities, and other tourist attractions not connecting - been there - did that. This trip was about the return to the sea in the alchemy of time and consciousness.

Friday November 30 - Leaving on JetBlue

The flights coming and going arrived exactly on time - amazing. During the flight I watched TV shows on my iPad or JetBlue's ongoing live TV and movies. I also sat in the same seats, 2A, from JFK to Long Beach Airport and back. In both cases seat 2B remained empty while 2C was occupied each way by a business man.

Returning to JFK was really an interesting experiencing. Boarding at Long Beach Airport were a group of 50 insurance company employees, men and women, mostly in 30s and 40's on their way for a weekend in the city. Many were already intoxicated and definitely looking for a fun time away from their daily routines. The all male flight attendants were not happy with their behavior, urging them to take their seats and find storage for their luggage, as they all had carry-ons. Eventually some of their luggage had to placed in the cargo hold below so we could take off on time.

As I was in the front of the plane, the noisy travelers were far enough removed from me that I didn't hear them once I put on my headset, but others complained. The man seated in 2C told me he has been on flights where the behavior of passengers caused the plane to land at another airport along the way to have them removed, which he was hoping was not the case. So Ellie did what Ellie always does, I asked Z, and he said all would be okay and on time.

I sat back and looked out of the window as the plane took off, the feeling of not returning to the west coast, strongly with me. It was time to watch the TV shows I had stored on my iPad while away ... starting with "Castle". The time flew by along with the plane. About an hour into the 4:45 minute flight, the flight attendants announced that alcoholic beverages were no longer going to be served and I laughed. That seemed like a good way to handle things.

My flight arrived at 8:00 a fitting number I thought. I walked to the baggage area with a woman who told me she had sat behind me, and complained about the noisy passengers. As we stood there waiting for our luggage, an announcement was made. One of the drunk passengers had taken another passenger's suitcase by mistake and they urged all passengers on my flight to check their luggage. The woman and I stood there laughing as our luggage began its descent from the baggage carousel as round and round we go on our way back home. I travel with a local car service, a car waiting for me as I exited the doors. It felt good to be home and experience the change in energies from the different coasts.

Marriott's Newport Coast Villas

Aerial View

A friendly welcome from the "crew above" as I drove up to the entrance (note the ethereal column)

View from my balcony facing the ocean

Golf Course

The Villa

Bedroom 2

Sunday December 2, 2012

This was a combination workshop and early birthday party.

The topic was "Reality ... from beginning to end". The TV in the living room (see above) was used to project special effects making it so much easier to demonstrate how reality works. Did every get it? Those who are programmed to will get it, while others were seeded with information combined with the practical aspects of reality. Life is different on the west coast where one understands that a major earthquake and potential tsunami can happen at any time, and probably will. One of the final precursors to pay attention to is a major earthquake near Japan, accompanied by a tsunami. This would result in the sinking of an island off Japan, which would crack the Pacific Plate, followed by the North American Plate .... and the rest is history. And so it will come to pass -- 7.3-magnitude quake has struck off Japan's eastern coast, triggering a small tsunami   BBC - December 7, 2012

Throughout my trip to the US west coast, I saw earthquakes and a climatic global ending now. My visions and dreams further reflected the same patterns. No matter where I went while here, the messages were consistent. Whether I was in San Diego, Laguna Beach, or Newport Beach, the strong feelings kept on coming. Being ion the west coast you feel the grids more profoundly. It makes the precursors to "Fade to Black" much clearer to experience.

In truth everything that is going on within the hologram is a wake-up call and reminder that the cycles of time are ending. The details may or may not be real or actually existed. Just as the Pope recently stated about the date of birth for Jesus as being wrong, so too must we consider that none of it actually happened.

My workshop was scheduled from 1-4pm, but continued past 6pm with a unique ending after the meditation. Seated in a dimly lit room, several students watched me fade to black, then disappear. Reality remains myth, math, metaphor, and magic!

Fashion Island and Crystal Cove

Monday December 3, 2012

It was overcast on Monday, not the best way to start a vacation, but a great opportunity to
explore Fashion Island and see the final chapter of the Twilight series. It's about closure.

The weather cleared so John and I drove to nearby Crystal Cove for dinner and spend more time along the coast.

The Christmas tree on the beach

La Jolla and San Diego

Tuesday December 4

By far La Jolla Cove was one of the best places I visited.

La Jolla means "the Jewel".

Brenda is another Aquarian ... so all we did was laugh!

Ellie and John

Children's Pool Beach

Seals sunbathing on the rocks below, just outside the sea wall

As I stood at the far end of the sea wall, water splashed up around me. It was both fun and refreshing yet stirred my soul. I made an instant consciousness connection to the Mayan Pyramids nearby, the Giza Plateau, and the consciousness ships above that followed me everywhere on this journey. Below me 5 seals were basking peacefully in the sunshine. Entering an altered space and time with Z, he whispered, "The (Hermetic) seals have been broken." ... And with that ... simultaneously all 5 seals sat up and looked at me as if to affirm his statement. That was awesome.

I heard the sound of Thuup and was told to look at an opening in a cave below to my left. Water rushed through the bottom of the cave, while above all was pitch black as I stood there. This was another reminder of who I am and where I came from ... the liquid black of creation (dark matter). The cave represents "the mind". And then I remembered ... as will you.

I called Ron in New Jersey, to create a yin/yang connection. He saw many archetypes that symbolize The End of Time - the closing of a tattered old book - the hands on a clock stopped, and more.

The word hermetic comes from the name of the Greek god Hermes (also Z), in alchemy. Alchemists invented a process for making a glass tube airtight, which was used in distillation. The process used a secret seal whose invention was attributed to the legendary patron of alchemy, Hermes Trismegistus.

The bluffs overlooking Black's Beach

Black's Beach is a famous Nude Beach

Hang Gliding at Torrey Pines

After sightseeing in San Diego, we ate at an outdoor restaurant somewhere along the way. Inside, women were arriving for a party of some kind. I walked into the room and was greeted by a friendly woman who asked, "Is your name Barbara?" She quickly explained that this was a theme party open to anyone named Barbara. Very cool. Brenda thought her name was close enough ... as we laughed and walked back outside where John was waiting.

Los Angeles

Wednesday December 5

John and I drove north on the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles. It was fun to revisit places once traveled, but nothing impressive. What I foresaw was a major earthquake and tsunami, again leaving me with the feeling of having to hold onto the dash board as the ground metaphorical shook all around me.

The energies of LA didn't work for me, with the exception of the Santa Monica Pier.

Ellie meets Z as Zoltar, Zeus, and Quetzalcoatl

You'll never guess who I met while strolling along the Santa Monica Pier ... Z in the guise of Zoltar ... taking me back to the first 11 years of my life and a similar fortune telling machine on the pier in Coney Island. It would seem Zoltar has been around as long as I have. His piercing blue eyes, the same color as Z's, were simply captivating for me ... time to to get a "reading." I inserted my dollar. He said something ... gestured and I could feel Z's energies as he moved his hands over the crystal ball and cards. Then, out came my fortune.

So, here's my ticket out of here ! The "dear one" he refers to is himself.

It looks like lots of luck for me in the next month ! That's 2013 !!
Will I even be around, or is it good luck outside the box ?

That night Z's energies resurfaced as both Zeus and Quetzalcoatl.
In the fog and mist, he emerged .... as I walked around the grounds of my villa.

This is Quetzalcoatl from the file The 12 Pyramids of Thoth (music file)

From the black ... into the aether ... to light ... at the fountain ... creation

As is above, so is below

From darkness into the physical

Laguna Beach

Thursday December 6

I spent the early part of the day with Karen in nearby Laguna Beach.

It's very upscale and artsy reminding me of Park Slope in Brooklyn.

Fun in a local store called Tamara's Vieux Carre


Thursday December 6

On the flight to California, I met a man named Reid, who lives in there. His presence lead me to believe that we were meant to meet having fun along the way and sharing stories. Reid said that the two things I must do is visit Balboa Island and eat at Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier. It would seem that guidance took me to the end of a pier no matter where I went.

Laurel had suggested breakfast at Wlima's on Balboa Peninsula on Monday then a walk along the streets looking at the local stores. But today was more about Balboa Island, my final destination which I shared with John. The energies of Balboa called to me in a different way than the other places I had visited ... I could live here ... at least part time. Being programmed for the east coast, I would always be drawn back to New York. Such was the case when Ralph and I visited there in 1966 before starting a family. California drawn us to her and we seriously thought abut moving there, but Z guided us back to the city, which was not a mistake.

The ferry ride over

Coastline from Balboa Pier

Ruby's Diner

Cheeseburgers, Burger King style fries, and a diet coke ... yummy ... but only to be eaten once in a while.

Oldies and Christmas music to set the mode.

View from the end of the pier outside Ruby's Diner

The sun always sets at the end of a journey ...

at the end of the pier ... where all returns from the cycles called "Time".