Award Season 2023

January 10, 2023 - Golden Globes

January 15, 2023 - Critics Choice Awards

February 5 - Grammy Awards

February 26 - SAG Awards

March 12 - 95th Academy Awards (Oscars)

January is the start of award show season reflecting the best in film, television and music production for the prior year. I sometime watch the beginning of a show but watch the rest on DVR the next day to fast forward or delete after seeing the morning highlights.

What makes a script and performances award-winning? Relatability to elicit emotions from viewers - to laugh - to cry - to understand - and most of all to heal. That's human programming alongside the world of entertainment - always an audition in "Emotions" - that which keeps us quantumly entangled in the human experiment.

There was a time when award shows highlighted in January as each week many of the same films and performers competed for recognition and accolades that set them apart thus advancing their careers and goals.

Ceremonies highlight with stunning fashions and accessories as well as outstanding performances especially at the Grammys, Tonys, Oscars, and CMAs.

Some embrace 'In Memoriam' - nostalgic moments honoring those who had passed the prior year and what their performances had brought emotionally to the world - a reflection of letting go of past moments in one's life.

A few years ago the nature of award shows shifted. One could equate this with changes in society becoming explosive exacerbated by social media and an influx of craziness spiking in the grids that create the illusion of reality. Old paradigms began to crumble in the decay of human performances through the camera lens of time.

Many acceptance speeches became political - to vent one's issues on topics such as race, gender and anything else that could stir the emotions of the audience. Change was needed but were award shows the right platform to continually address issues - ceremony after ceremony? Those who finally had a voice thought so - while others thought it was too much and turned away from award shows - viewership declining each year.

The human attention span is also changing/accelerating to process information faster and delete anything extraneous. It's like comparing a long video message - reduced to a few seconds on TikTok.

We exist in End Times and End Spaces where bringing inequality and injustice to the fore is going to happen by different factions - onscreen and off.

Just as with monarchies - the old guard of entertainment - segues to those who have stood in the wings for decades waiting for opportunity and recognition.

But as you know fame and recognition come to those programmed to that end. The majority of actors are hard-working dedicated performers - but how many of the thousands who seek their 15 minutes of fame are never recognized nor even given the opportunity to showcase their talent? Most.

Mental illness has taken centerstage in every walk of life as we learn about the struggles of actors and musicians much like those of the average person programmed in this bipolar reality. The Will Smith-Chris Rock slap at the 2022 Oscars highlighted the decline in the decorum of award shows further turning people away.

In film, television, and theater everyone wants to produce something that is relatable, stirs the emotions, and teaches a lesson while making $money along the way. It's all just fantasy as we pull back the curtain and see what the life and times of many of the performers is about.

The golden age of Hollywood has given way to independent film so the average producer and director can put forth a meaningful project. The goal has always been the eternal quest "to make a difference" - meaning to help viewers heal through association.

In the end, everything is a gag. ~ Academy Award Winner Charlie Chaplin

Grids. Vanishing Point.

In 2000, The Thirteenth Floor was nominated for the Saturn Award
for Best Science Fiction Film, but lost to The Matrix.

Simulation Theory