440 MHZ, A440

We all have our digital codes of awakening. For most people it's 11:11, (firing up the DNA) at least to begin. There are no limits to the number of codes one has.

For years the numbers 440 have echoed through my mind, though I could never figure out their significance ... until now. Plagued by this number since the lunar eclipse on March 3, 2007, two weeks ago, I asked several friends what they thought 440 meant. Remember that eclipses go to memory and the eclipse of consciousness.

Christina saw 440 as a highway, and strangely there is a 440 that goes from Staten Island (Bayonne Bridge) to northern New Jersey, but that felt wrong.

Chris linked 440 with the alien TV series, 'The 4400' which felt closer, but no cigar.

Another friend also saw a UFO connection and aliens going back to my childhood and the Catskill Mountains experiences. That stirred my soul to find out if anything happened to me during the ages 5-10, the years my parents and I spent summers in Monticello. This, too, has also been calling to me since the eclipse.

Through a regression with Ron, we were able to confirm something a friend named Deja told me years ago ... July 4, 1949 was the key point of entry when I came into the program. It will be my point of exit.

Mike, who does not know Ron, saw the same thing, but added that he saw 2 spirals around me, (rotating in opposite directions), when I came in. He saw the spiral reference as time travel. He also saw a young boy wearing a white tunic and sandals, and omega symbols pointing in different directions all around me going higher. I have always had the memory of my consciousness spiraling into this reality, but the omega symbols confirm what I have always known, I am here for closure.

Both Ron and Mike described me exactly as I looked at that time, though they have never seen photos of me as a child.

Digits for me, such as 2012, do not reference dates and time (clocks) but are designations, points of origin in and out of the program, generally linked with harmonic codes. 2012 is not far away.

As it turns out 440 is 440 hertz, or 440 cycles per second, or the note A above middle C.

Music Note 440 Wikipedia

The Code of Carl Munck (Scroll Down)

Hebrew Gematria: Values - 440

Metaphorically, Middle C speaks to me about the center (eye) of the galaxy - its harmonic and the place of origin through which we consciously enter the program.

A440 is just above Middle C ... which, in case you haven't figured it out, is linked to the harmonic that takes us outside the box. (disappear). What has been awakening within my consciousness tells me the tone is close and will soon be here/heard. It resonates through the grid for now at a steady pulse, which soon changes, like the finale in a musical program which builds to a crescendo at the end ... boom. Could it be the soul/sole note of the program, the point of consciousness entry?

'A' goes to the 'train tracks' archetype, which takes us to a zero point, (above and below meet), in this case the 'A' is pointing above.

Scientists are discovering never before heard sound wave harmonics, emanating from the center of our galaxy and black holes.

We are all resonant (resident) students in this universe (university). We are only frequency consciousness having a physical experience.

'Galaxies in the News' takes us to

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Space.com - January 10, 2006
Dark matter may affect our galaxy's warp
(This makes sense ... matter antimatter)

The image took me to

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On the day I posted this file, 3/24/07, I received an email from a reader saying the numbers 440 straight were the midday pick in the NJ lottery and paid $212.00.