Stardate....May 8, 2003

I have been receiving many emails about May 15, 2003, one week from today. They are coming from readers all over the planet. That is the date for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Mercury is retrograde and solar storms have been a daily occurrence. This is an important time of the evolution of consciousness and to come into personal awareness that reality is a matrix in which we consciously experience linear time and emotional.

There is an awakening of ancient teachings and wisdom brought forth now by those who return with the knowledge to enlighten humanity during this transition. This links to ancient Sumer, Egypt, Creational Mythology, Aliens, Sirius, the Return to Zero Point and others messages that have been encoded in humanity's DNA surfacing in this timeline.

People are sensing, or dreaming, creating synchronicities, and connecting the dots to something they may not as yet be able to name, but they sense it's coming. To understand this, one must think out of the box. The return of Nibiru is a metaphor. Aliens are part of the matrix, linking to reality as a biogenetic experiment.

Scorpio....Web....Internet....Grids .... Matrix

Spider Effect and Related

The 13th Floor, The Matrix, The Grid

Stardate...May 15, 2003.... Matrix Reloaded

Final Flight of the Osiris

Loaded with Metaphors

May 15, 2003, Matrix Reloaded, is a metaphor for reloading the grids. As the grids change, so does the illusion of reality and our perceptions of it. It deals with Cause and Effect, Martial Arts, and much more.

The movie Matrix Reloaded was awesome. It is filled with myths and metaphors, as is all of our awakening codes. The color green is linked with Alchemy.

The film is like a magnet which will attract those of us living the experience of the matrix, humanity. Most people will be intuitively guided to see the movie. Though they may not be motivated for the same reasons the film is here to bring about awareness of the illusiveness of reality as a grid program. As this is a trilogy, 3D, the last film The Matrix Revolutions to be released November 5, 2003.

These films trigger the unconsciousness mind. The audience sat glued to their seats, often riveted by events on the screen. The film begins with subliminal triggers of sound, light, and color on the screen.

Neo, the protagonist, once again meets with The Oracle (Gloria Foster), who talks in circles about what he is supposed to do, without getting to the point. Non-the-less her words send him out to fulfill the prophecy that she and Morpheus believe to be true, that Neo will save all. Morpheus, believes in the prophecy of the One, as in Chosen One, Neo. But are prophecies merely placed in the matrix to give false hope or awaken something within us? Most people who study metaphysics believe in some sort of prophecy which ushers in the next level of consciousness. All prophecy go to the same conclusions, a movement of consciousness to higher awareness. The quest is, realizing your nature as a spirit vs. a need to hold onto your physical form which will cease to exist, as it is no more than projected thought.

Neo who is possessed with many powers when he enters the Matrix. Neo is a Superman type character now able to fly and stop bullets in mid-air. His flying scenes are quite unlike any "human flying" scenes ever attempted in cinema before. As a messiah, The One, Neo is supposed to save humanity and destroy the Matrix. [Note, Superman was played by George Reeves, later by Christopher Reeve, now we have Keanu Reeves].

To this end, Neo must go to the hard drive of the computer where his answers will be given. He must first find the Key Maker who will help him unlock the door.

To find the key maker he encounters Luciferian mastermind Merovingian whose henchmen are called The Twins, twin albinos, who can morph into anything and seem unstoppable, until they are killed by Morpheus after an 18 minute car chase to save the Key Maker and open the door to the truth. (lots of metaphors here with a link to the Merovingian bloodline, the "Da Vinci Code", and possibly Mary Magdalene.)

The Key Maker then takes Neo to the door and opens it before the Key Maker dies, his destiny completed.

As the door opens we see a white light. Inside Neo encounters the Architect of the Matrix. He explains the Matrix and the folly of man to Neo implying that the program is in a loop. This creational God figure is a handsome distinguished gray haired old man dressed in an expensive suit sitting in a room with 360 degrees of endless screens, a place i have visited since I was age 11.

He gives Neo two choices, Door #1, which will recreate the loop, for a 6th time. Door #2 which sends Neo back into the old program to save, Trinity, the woman he loves but will ultimately destroy reality, the program. Neo chooses Door #2.

I thought the movie would end with "To Be Continued". It ended with "To be Concluded"...just as our program moves into its final phase.

I could almost swear that this movie was created as a lead to Sarah and Alexander and my concept of reality. Friends and I have discussed ways to stop the program for years, many of which are similar to what is given in the film.