January 2016 - US Blizzard

For the most part the winter of 2015-2016 started out warm in the Northeast, most of us enjoying mild temperatures but always knowing winters are winters - weather around the world is now unpredictable due to climate change - and soon we would see our share of winter storms. Currently most of the world is dealing with the effects of a power El Nino wrecking havoc everywhere. This is what happened as January unfolded in NYC.

Sunday January 17, 2016: The first snow of the season in Brooklyn

The obelisk in the park watches undaunted after hundreds of years

The branch of a tree framing its facade in this picture.

Tuesday January 19, 2016: The coldest day of the year so far - 21° at 11:11

The way I was preparing the past few days for an upcoming blizzard, told me this would be a record breaker and I was right. Saturday a travel ban was instituted for New York City as Winter Storm Jonas or Snowzilla hit here. 1 in 7 Americans were affected by the snow in one way or another. It was the second biggest storm in Central Park history dumping over two feet of snow.

There were the usual power outages, accidents and injuries, transportation coming to a halt, and other things that we dread about a megastorm of this magnitude. I learned about something called snow lightning - which like other lightning can strike anywhere as both a physical event or a metaphor.

While at home I did phone readings with clients in both Miami - where it is considerably colder than the norm - and other states affected by the storm. This all happened in the energy of a full moon in Leo - which as you know creates high tides and coastal flooding - something people who live along the coast did not need.

Friday January 22: Preparing for the storm

Stocking up on supplies at Staples as a final stop before the blizzard

My friend Jane loves hats. Here I am trying hers on.

Jane and I went to Campagnia's Restaurant for an early dinner before heading home to await the storm.

Blizzard of 2016 from Ellie's World

Saturday January 23, 2016 ... 7:30 AM

2:30 PM

5:00 PM -- Driveway to the garage under my building
Obelisk in the park - Verrazano Bridge in the distance

7:20 PM


Clients - Championship Football - The X-Files

Snow Sculptures from the Edge

The Cleanup

John the Porter using a snowblower to clear the sidewalk below

The city did an amazing job clearing the snow away.

Not so hard to pull out of a parking spot but I'm not sure about the little smart car covered in snow.

As with all storms ... the status quo returns as a new week begins and memories linger.

The cables of the bridge appear to smile to me - as consciousness crosses over to new adventures.

Walking along Shore Road

Playing in the park

Tuesday: Snowball Fight

It's so warm out I threw snowballs at my neighbor with my bare hands after he hit with one.

Brooklyn girls are bad-ass at any age - I'll be 73 on February 17, 2016 .

I am such a winter person!

The white stuff - now turning black from pollution - remains a big mushy mess as the cleanup continues.

January 2016 United States blizzard   Wikipedia

Sunday January 24, 2016

Full Moon 3° Leo