Christmas Eve 2002 my friend Ben, sent me this animated bird image, feeling a connection for me. Later in the afternoon, as I was reading a client, our attention was drawn to the obelisk in the center of the park just across from my home. About a dozen large white birds flew in circles, counter-clockwise, around it. We watched in amazement as the birds flew continued to circle for about two minutes, a few passersby stopping to watch them until they flew away. My soul felt a strong connection to this experience. It did not happen by accident. It spoke to me of my work and an spiraling evolutionary changes of consciousness, ascension beyond linear time and emotion. Once Month Later

In Egypt, 1968, we find the apparition of Virgin Mary was witnessed by many people. "Apparitions of the Virgin are sometimes accompanied with, or preceded by, the appearance of white pigeons that used to circle the church. Sometimes a lightning-like light appeared. It shone for a while and then disappeared. At other times, a luminous mist spread everywhere and it gave off the strong pleasant scent of incense that pervaded the whole place."

Pigeons are depicted in paintings and sculptures in almost every culture and religion in the history of the Earth, including such ancient places as Babylon, Palestine, Egypt, Assyria, Israel, Greece, and Rome. Pigeons, especially white ones, figure prominently in the Bible. Apparently it was a white pigeon and not a dove that Noah was said to have released from his ark and which later returned with an olive branch. Those so-called doves of peace you see in various publications and paintings are actually white pigeons. In some places pigeons have been used as symbols of love, fidelity, femininity, virtuous parentage, innocence, purity, speed, and the postal service. Their expressive eyes and their habit of tender billing (the equivalent of kissing) have symbolized erotic love to many artists. Picasso often featured pigeons in his paintings.

The Unicorn in the Clouds

Cloud scrying is one of my favorite past times. Today the clouds created a hole, through which the sun appeared in the form of the All Seeing Eye. Then I saw the Lamb, a Unicorn next to it.

The Unicorn symbolizes purity, nature, faery blessings, and otherworld intervention. Down through the millennia, the unicorn has been a symbol of mystery and wonder, a mythic, magical animal of power, beauty and grace, elusive and grand. The Unicorn is found in the earliest of Mesopotamian pictorial arts. He sprang from the cradle of civilization, the fertile crescent. He was a glorious white horse with a single, spiraled, pointed horn springing from his forehead.

Symbolically, the unicorn is a representation of Jesus. The horn represents the unity of Jesus and God, its fierceness and defiance were said to be a reminder that nothing can control Jesus against his will, and the small size of the animal represented Jesus' humility, etc. The virgin, then, became the symbol of the Virgin Mary and the hunter become symbolic of the angel Gabriel. It's hard to say which came first, the virgin and the unicorn or the Virgin Mary and the Unicorn Jesus. This, of course, gave a tremendous boost to the legend of the unicorn. It seems to me it is all about creating balance.

I spent Christmas Day with family in New Jersey with my children. My grandson Michael, took me to see his newly decorated room. There, sitting in the center of his bed, was a new stuffed toy, a gorgeous unicorn with a blue satin horn and a silky rainbow main, made out of soft white material.

On my way back home to Brooklyn, I slowly drove over the Verrazano Bridge, a full moon above and I could not help but marvel at the Christmas lights reflected off the water. There is something about this bridge, I thought. Perhaps it is about crossing bridges of consciousness that connect realities.

I came home and decided to relax and watch TV. There was the film, "Saturday Night Fever", starring John Travolta sitting on a bench in the setting sun, just across from my home in Bay Ridge, tracing the outline of the bridge with his finger. The synchronicities continue ...