The Music Box Played - 12 Years Later

Tuesday Morning December 18, 2001

After posting my blog this morning I went to the the kitchen. From the living room I suddenly heard the music box playing. It had been a long time since I have heard the physical tones of the Music Box one of the key symbols in my book Sarah and Alexander. These musical tones seem to have no point of origin in physical reality.

To me they represent the harmonics of creation that make themselves known to me from time to time. Friends and clients have heard the tones in my home. On this day, as I heard the tones, I walked into the living room and listened as I looked out over the Verrazano Bridge. The tones played for approximately 3 minutes, the cables of the bridge seemingly chords and the sides of the bridge - giant tuning forks.

I felt the same energies created by the tones when I first heard them at Christmas 1989 after the spirit of a young boy named Alexander came to me and dictated the first draft of "Sarah and Alexander." Now exactly 12 years later, Christmas 2001, the same tones were playing.

Journey to Long Island

Two hours later ...

Still riding the wave of a cosmic high, I set off for my day, spending time in the waterfront home of an old and dear friend, Leslie, who is an artist and pianist.

In 1989 when Alexander first came to me and the music box played, he showed me an old wooden footbridge that 7 year old Sarah crosses as a child to meet Alexander, a boy of the same age. As I arrived at Leslie's house, I noticed a footbridge off to one side, another Sarah and Alexander synchronicity! Leslie and I noticed that the lilies in the small pond below the bridge had buds ... in December!? Must be part of global warming.

During my visit I channeled several of Leslie deceased relatives, which amazed her. Leslie mentioned the tragic and suspicious death of someone she was friends with, on December 2, 2000. She explained that exactly one year later, December 2, 2001, a dead bird was embedded in the front grill of her car. Spirit left a message for us and we channeled about it. She did not realize that birds symbolize ascension.

Leslie and I later went to her computer so I could show her the file on Rainbow Twins and the link with the fall of the Twin Towers. We sat in her studio, overlooking the glistening water and the two bridges in the background that looked like the backdrop of a canvas. They are the Throngs Neck and the Whitestone Bridges. They resemble Twin Bridges, one behind the other from our perspective.

The energies were very high and I could feel something brewing as I set out on my journey home. It was 4 pm as I drove along the Belt Parkway heading west to Brooklyn. The sky was clear with just a few clouds which I visually followed as Z likes to send me messages in the clouds. The traffic slowed as we passed the exit for Coney Island ... Coney 12 cones of creation Eyeland, the area where I lived the first 12 years of my life.

A rainbow riveted my attention as it formed over Coney Island. This was unusual as it hadn't rained for days. About 5 minutes later, as I approached my exit, I noted a second rainbow next to the first one - twin rainbows. Both rainbows moved close to each other and arched over the Verrazano Bridge. This was no coincidence.

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