The Man On The Moon

Hi there! Yes you ... seated at your computer!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Manny. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I used to live on Earth in a place called Seattle. I worked as a computer techie before things got bad and everything crashed. I saw it coming and planned ahead!

I am a man who needs to be free. I am an explorer. One morning I made a decision to relocate. I blew all my savings and came here. This is the best investment I ever made.

Now I live in a secluded little corner of the moon. I bought this property at a great price before the moon becomes colonized and the property rates go up. I think I have the best view in the universe. I'll stay here until it gets too crowded, then move on with the zillions of dollars I make from selling this land.

I built a subterranean dwelling in which I set up a unique communication system with planet Earth. I grow my own food in special containers. I am never lonely having lots of visitors from all over the galaxy stop by from time to time to chat.

There's no day or night up here as you observe it. Time, I disregarded that illusion when I moved here. I live in the experience of the moment. I watch the stars and map the heavens. I am turning my journaling into the book that I always envisioned.

There's a pyramid not far from here where I go if I want to meditate. It was built by the same source that created the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

There is much to explore up here as the moon has seen many visitors in its history.

I watch the space shuttles go back and forth from Earth to the International Space Station. Some of the astronauts have seen me but find it hard to believe that there is actually a Man on the Moon.

I suppose you wonder if there are UFO'S out here?

Let me tell you a little story.....

Last night as I slept upon my little rock in the sky, I heard a strange whirring sound that woke me! Lo and behold I saw several huge Mother Ships. I jumped up, waved my arms, and shouted, "Hey! Over here!"

A message came to me telepathically, Hello! May I visit you? I come in peace!

Without hesitation, I sent back the thought, Come on down! Afterwards I reasoned that maybe I should have thought twice about this invitation as I tend to make rash decisions.

My heart raced as an entity manifested before me.

Oh no! Was he a Grey Alien here to kidnap me?

"My name is Solux," he said. "I live on the other side of the Sun. I come in peace. I have come to teach you, Man on the Moon. Please come closer. Do not be afraid. I will not harm you."

Cautiously I moved closer, calming the fear that filled my soul. This was a time to listen to my inner voice, which said, "Go to him. He is a friend."

He gently placed one hand on my head and the other over my heart. I closed my eyes. Messages flooded my mind like images on a screen, moving ever faster. I saw creation woven into the tapestry of a universal pattern, brought to this galaxy by ancient ancestors from far away worlds.

The images suddenly stopped as darkness took hold. In the energies of a Solar Eclipse the Mother Ship returned for Solux.

"We shall see each other again," he said, before disappearing into a mist of white light.

I have no idea why I felt this way, but as he left, and we bid farewell, a felt a pain within my heart. It was a pain of separation from someone I had known for only a moment, yet in that time my destiny had been changed forever.

Today I shall record within my Journal .... I met an entity who is Eternal!

I know he will come back soon to visit the Man on the Moon.