Renovating An Old Home

The concept of HOME is very important to each of us, as our souls spend a lifetime journeying HOME.

A home should have balance and create balance fro you, which goes to Feng Shui

We watch real estate values go up and down along with other economic issues, yet in the long run the will continue to escalate.

When I was a child I used to imagine myself grown-up, finding a large charming old house and restoring it to its original beauty. Perhaps that is a metaphor for the journey of the souls from the physical emotional realms back to spirit. I remembering seeing Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy (1948) when I was fine years old, about a loving family who bought an old dilapidated house and worked together to rebuild it.

The concept of renovation, helping others, cleaning up, reorganization, is part of the soul experience for many people, 'we have got to make it better' clearing out the old for the new, getting rid of outmoded things, the healers and teachers.

A family building a house together in some way relates to working out the karma between the family members in a kind loving way. There are always trials and tribulations but in the end we assume there will be a happily-ever-after, whatever that means today.

The restored house symbolizes what we all seek from our biological family during childhood - safety, love, compassion, a place that always welcomes us with open arms. It holds our childhood memories and allows us to go back to that space physically and emotionally when we are troubled and confused - or when we need a place to reflect on important decisions in our lives. We all go through major changes after a number of years. This home gives us the time to relax and reflect on what we should in the future.

Parental caretakers often return to their childhood home when one or both parents are old and need them. They can remain in the house after the karma is complete and the parents cross over or they can sell the house and move on.

I realize that most people don't have a place like this to go home to that carries that kind of nurturing energy, but many people seek to create it now for their families.

Some people are free spirits living wherever the universe takes them.

Others need to find one place to live and remain there most of their lives.

At different stages of our lives, our needs for the size and style of our living space changes.

Being able to do at least some of the construction work in an old house, a 'fixer-upper', is often part of the decision to restore and old house. Here in New York, people buy very old houses, renovate them, then resell them at large profits.

But then again you have those who just want the charm and grace of an old house, combined with modern plumbing, electricity, heating and air-conditioning, etc.

Samantha Stone's brownstone . . .

As I have just completed an installment of Samantha Stone and the Sepia Photo - I though it an interesting synchronicity that Sam inherits an old Brownstone in New York City and has it renovated with the help of her friends.

Portals in Homes . . .

All areas on the planet have grids points and have portals, indwells and outwells of energy.

Portals exist in most homes and apartments.

They can be anywhere - closets - mirrors - windows - walls - sky lights - anywhere.

You can feel them as cold spots or sense spirits coming in and out or not sense them at all.

They open and close.

You can soften locate them with a dowsing rod, pendulum, or other electronic equipment.

We all want a house that has spirit ... or is that spirits.

All homes have spirits, perhaps a ghost or two. They are sometimes seen as projected illusion of heard moving about. They may be the spirit of someone you knew who crossed over or a spirit attached to the house. As they exist in another space-time reality, they most likely are not aware of you.

Your house calls to your soul, attracting each other mutually.

You walk into an old house because something about it calls to you. You look around and see it as it was or what you can do with it.

Your soul connects.

Your frequencies match that of the house.

You see yourself living in it forever!

It brings emotions . . . love, compassion, you know your energies belong here.

This house may help you work out issues.

You may be handy and able to do some of the restoration yourself or with the help of friends.

A house that you have helped restore carries part of your soul energy with it.

There is something about the old wood panels, hardwood floors, bay windows, stained glass, unusual staircases, old attics with secrets, and unusual basements that take us from this timeline into another.

The farmhouse . . .

I know many people who have restored old farm houses while still maintaining a home in the city giving them two properties with two different sources of energy.

Being in the country allows the soul to commune with nature and the elements.

Many people leave the city for the country or just prefer country life especially now that they have use of advanced technology for home and office.

Overseas homes ... Ancient Ancestors

I have friends and clients who come from countries out of the US who maintain homes here and overseas, the latter usual inherited from the family.

People like to return to ancestral roots if only once in a while. It links their soul to other experiences it is having. One of my friends who lives in NYC owns an apartment in the Netherlands, where he grew up and still has family and friends. He goes the Europe for about three weeks a year and loves going back to the old world charm.

Old European homes carry the frequencies of events in our recorded timelines. We can be there and experience events from history.

New York City

It is very trendy in New York City to buy old property and restore it. Real Estate is the place to invest your money.

In Brooklyn this is particularly true in areas such as Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights which are just over the Brooklyn Bridge and 10 minutes from Manhattan.

Property in these areas has the same value as that of Manhattan - with a restored brownstone worth close to one million dollars. This doesn't include any outside grounds - except perhaps a tiny garden nor parking area.

These brownstones are generally narrow homes with two - four stories that can be lived in as one-family homes or renovated into two or three family homes.

About your. . .

Are you happy with your location? your home? city in which you live?

What is missing in your current home?

Do you feel at home there?

Is it time for you to move or to make a change?