The Student Body of 2013

Sunday June 2, 2013

I often write about the brain being a computer that processes with binary code. I also blog about the evolution of consciousness which is about the way the brain processes and memorizes as it evolves out of this creation. This goes along with an article posted November 2012 - The Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain for in truth we are experiencing inside an evolving simulation (hologram / brain / consciousness) that is about to become more than it is based on the compendium of experiences it has acquired in time.

Children today are having a different experience than we did. It is neither better nor worse ... it just is ... experience and learning. They are smarter and more psychic ... and certainly more open minded. In all ways ... they are the future ... and we are the past.

Children are always a theme for me - both gifted and challenged. On one end of the spectrum you have children born with photographic memories who easily get 4.0 averages in high school and above - where grades count. There are two-year olds learning to read on an iPad - not to mention figuring out other difficult tasks. It's always about photographic memory and processing.

On the opposite end you have children with autism and other special needs - the increase in those numbers soaring - though no one seems to know why. It's all about the consciousness grids and the experiences those souls are programmed to have as the grids collapse.

Next we have the physical grids and their emotional components. Sadly, many of the 4.0 students are emotionally challenged, and though they test well, they suffer from depression refusing to do homework or conform to school regulations, thus missing out on valuable opportunities. They usually self medicate ... and you know what that patterns is about. Their emotional challenges will always get in the way of success if not properly diagnosed in high school when mental illnesses starts to show itself, generally highlighting at age 19. What could be worse than being a teen who isn't aware of their challenges and tries to move forward only to sabotage the best things in their lives. If most people were aware of their problems at an early age, based on their DNA codes for experience, it would save them years of grief and healing in their adult lives when they could use that time and energy to be productive and happy.

Many equate this universe to a university lab experiment in which we are the students who are about to graduate and move beyond - to experience in ways we cannot imagine at this limited level of consciousness. Holography teaches many things .... but to go beyond is our destinies.

We always seem to be graduating from this thing and that. It may be about formal education, or a personal goal that we are proud to achieve, as humanity is programmed to evolve without limitation.

The article below is about graduation June 2013 and what comes next. Believe it or not, even a 4.0 GPA does not always get you into your college of choice. There are other factors taken into consideration by universities and grad schools ... and then is the synchronicity principle ... the gears of time and destiny making the final decision. It's all programming.

We're all No. 1! Is 21 valedictorians too many?   MSNBC - June 2, 2013

When the seniors say farewell to South Medford High in Oregon next weekend, one of the school's 21 valedictorians will lead the flag salute, another valedictorian will recite the history of the 365-member class, and a third will introduce the keynote speaker. But all 21 can enjoy a sweet piece of the ceremony, if they choose. All have 4.0 grade averages.