Clients and readers are reporting an increase in perceived temporal anomalies which is all linked to the projected illusion of this reality, where physical time is part of how we perceive the movement of our experiences, yet all is in the Now.

Recently I had an interesting temporal experience that cannot be explained physically. I consider myself an excellent driver - no tickets, accidents or glasses. On this day, at 10am, I drove to the bank and parked in their lot. Oddly, I was the only car parked in the spacious parking lot, so I chose a central spot. After leaving bank, I got into my car and backed out of the spot. There were no other cars around.

Suddenly a black Lincoln Town Car came speeding into the parking lot moving past me so quickly, I didn't see him until it was too late. I heard a loud BANG and knew I had hit his car. I left the impact. To my left I saw pedestrians stopping to stare. Through my rear view mirror I saw the drive-thru teller looking on.

The driver, a man who drives local car service, and I got out to access the damage. We looked at his shiny new car, then at my car, and stood there in shock. There was not so much as a scratch on either car.

He was a friendly man.

I asked, "Did I hit your car?"

"Yes," he replied.

Yet both cars were perfect, for that matter they looked like new.

"I don't understand!" he exclaimed. But he was happy because insurance for a limo driver in NYC is about $8,000 a year and the last thing he needed was an accident.

But what happened?

He smile, parked his car and proceeded into the bank.

The pedestrians looked on perplexed and walked away.

I drove away and parked in a quiet street nearby to talk to Z(oroaster) my connection on the other side. I wanted answers! I called to Z telepathically and demanded to know what that was about as I knew it was a set-up! For the driver it was a warning to go slower, he had too many moving violations (tickets) and would lose his driver's license which he needs to earn money to support his family.

For me it was another case of - a temporal anomaly time unexplained!

Z asked me what I remembered.

I said I remembering hearing a bang and hitting the car as I saw it go by through my rear view mirror.

He said, "What else do you remember?"

I thought for a moment!

I remembered that nano second just after hearing the banging sound in which my mind went blank. Is that a protective mechanism? Does everyone do that in an emergency? What is that about? Your next memory returns your consciousness to right time. I have had many such experiences in which bad things could have happened, there was this nano second of dead space and then back again! This was not always about car incidents.

I knew where Z was going with this. This is what he showed me ...

The program stopped....such as putting your VCR on pause.

As this is all a projected illusion, the projections images of the cars were replaced with two perfect cars, actually not identical to the original cars, but too close to notice. Very cool, except that he said I made the change not him.

I have always know I am here about time, working with time lines and grids, so this came as no surprise. I reflected on the incident and could see myself pause time and make the changes. It all seemed so easy and natural, like editing a file strip.

Z explained that in all accidents, what people call near-death experiences , 'right time' stops and projections changed.

He explained that the NDE is similar to the way we will move consciously from this reality to the next when the program closes. You see a creational light at the end of the program, blue/white, then you experience whomever/whatever makes sense to your mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, and go there.

We are being prepared for transition in an endless number of ways, with an endless number of triggering mechanisms.

Z said that the reason so many people are having NDE's is part of the preparation for the coming transition. Our minds will experience no fear, or less fear, when consciousness leaves the physical body, based in part on its memories of NDE's and what is on the other side. It is the reason so many psychic are talking to those who have crossed over and why TV shows, movies and books of that help explain this phenomena are now timely.

Healing issues is about getting past fear so one can see beyond the illusion of time. In all accidents, souls get choices about how they want to play the events out. Sometimes a soul crosses over in an accident, but chooses to come back, walking away from the accident good-as-new, a new insert of that person, the events unexplained.

This is particularly true on the battle front during a war. Now you may ask, why do souls want to come back with severe injuries that often leave them paralyzed, etc? It is all about conscious experience! Some say the program is one mind having a dream, illusion, or experiencing through thought consciousness, having all of these experiences at once. In linear time there is the emotional attachment, which is the reason for the program.

As time approaches zero point, you will experience temporal anomalies and the collapsing of the grids (matrix) that hold the program together.