When Your Best Friend Dies

May 24, 2024

The human experience/experiment in physical reality is about emotions highlighted by loss and how people deal with it.

As a psychic and Medium people often come to me to connect with a best friend who has crossed over. It is usually about taking comfort in knowing that person has found peace on the other side. It could also be about the person who remains in physical reality, telling the spirit that they know when they are around, sensing their presence.

What's happening from a non-spiritual perspective is that we exist in a Simulation comprised of consciousness grids that create realities of experiences. When a person crosses over - no longer having a physical body - their consciousness moves into the grids where Mediums are able to access a connection through clairvoyance to get messages that bring comfortable.

When your best friend dies, at any age, the experience is very traumatic, something you will never forget or perhaps never get over. It tugs at your soul in ways that only can be experienced by those who share your pain. Sometimes grief counseling helps ease the pain.

If the friend had a prolonged illness, you may have been there during that time, to help them with good thoughts and deeds. Time spend reminiscing is often helps lighten the burden. You have had time to prepare for the soul's transition and the fact that the person will no longer be there for you.

You may be angry at them for 'leaving' you, as we are bit self-centered when it comes to pain and emotions, but you must understand that each soul chooses their time to cross over, to remove their consciousness from their physical body.

Sometimes a best friends dies tragically in an accident. This leaves you in shock, disbelief, waiting for the phone to ring and the friend to be there. Old habits die hard. Some spirits can physically ring the phone....You answer and no one is there ... but you know who/suspect it is spirit.

Losing a life long best/close friend, makes one re-evalate their own mortality and perhaps create needed changes in their lives. For example, if the friend who died was a drinking buddy, you may decide to stop drinking.

Most experiences that you encounter, get internalized, processed, and evaluted by your logical mind, your emotional body and your soul, to determine the impact they have on your experience in 3D and to better understand the human experience. It is as if you are a consciousness computer gathering information on many levels, storing the information and sending it back to your soul.

As humanity evolves, we understand that those who die are not lost forever. Best friends return to us in many spiritual ways, dreams, paranormal manifestations and movements, other reminders that allow us to know that they are still with us. Yet it is not the same. You want your best friend back so you can talk to them and share.

Many people write poetry or short stories in memory of a lost close friend. Sometimes they have the person's art work or other creative work, published or displayed.

There may have been shared secrets between best friends, that now linger as a memory ...or will get in later.

Keepsakes belonging to the person who died are also important for some people in keeping the memory of the person alive.

I have read teenagers who have lost best friends through illnesses and accidents. They remain in shock. Many turn to metaphysics for answers, such as ouija boards and mediumship. When we meet again, years later, the trauma has lifted, especially as we can now laugh and talk and 'cry' with the spirit of the soul that crossed over. Sadly, other teens, who are lost to begin with, turn to drinking and drugs, sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. A functional teen may get depressed, but will over the pain and return to school. Others may use it as an excuse to drop out.

When people get older and lose a best friend, it often seems to follow a 'pattern of loss' in their lives, with two other people crossing over within the same time frame. These people may be friends or family members.

When a best friend dies, take as much time as you need to heal. Get professional help if needed. Find others to talk to who care. Most of us experience the pain of separation at some point in our lives. It is all part of the experience.

The dynamic of losing a best friend remains in our hearts and souls forever.