Ellie's Teaching Days

May 8, 2002 - Today is National Teachers' Day

I have always been a teacher, one way or another. It is in my numerology and astrology charts and as my destiny, as is Crystalinks as a tool of learning linking the physical world with the esoteric. Reality is our classroom, a university within a universe with teachers, healers and guides.

I graduated from college and had my Masters by age 21. I began my teaching career with a first grade class in Public School 182 in East New York, Brooklyn, a ghetto neighborhood. The entire experience was to be filled with many learning lessons for me as well as the children. Back in those days, I assumed that teaching was about teaching students to read and write. I was dedicated to the Cause of Learning. I was wrong. Time spent was 50% disciplining students, dealing with parents, and administration.

I remember placing a white light around the building before I entered the school. As you may have seen by watching movies or TV series about teaching in a large city, the system takes over the game and it kicks ass really hard.

During my first year teaching from 1963-64, I remember being sick with swollen glands a good deal of the time. Today I would equate that illness with the throat chakra, shouting at kids, frustrations at not being heard, staff meetings that got nowhere in terms of teaching supplies, etc. and an interim principal who was later discharged, a dead body found one Monday morning in the basement. This is the system folks!

November was an interesting month in 1963 year. On Teacher/Student Day - the parents came to visit and observe the children. The next day was Election Day and one of the parents asked who I was voting for. I was at a loss for words as I was 20 years old then, and the voting age was 21. I had to admit to everyone that I was too young to vote.

A week later tragedy hit the country and the world. An announcement came over the loud speaker..... President Kennedy had been shot while visiting Dallas. I remember the tears flowing down my face, in front of the children, who didn't understand what was going on as they were six years old. The effect had the same impact as 9/11 - shock and disbelief. Teachers ran out of their classrooms into the hall and cried. Later when I got home, just before Jack Ruby was shot, I had telepathically heard "Turn on the TV!"

I put on the TV just as the shots were fired, killing Ruby.

Of course life went on with conspiracy theories becoming a topic of conversation for years. There are those who still seek the truth about those events. You've got to have passion, no matter what it is about. Once I entered the world of metaphysics I was to learn first hand that much of the program is about secrets, secret societies, hidden information, UFO and other cover-up's and many nasty related games, all of which I quickly moved away from. I soon came to realize the cycles of the program involve the knowledge of creation, buried for all time, until those who come here to unseal the records - open them at a time the program ends and consciousness moves on.

As one seeks higher learning, one's soul sends them on a quest, a journey to find information hidden by the ancients long ago. Each soul's journey is unique yet all lead back to the same source in the end. Some souls learn about treasures buried in time beneath the Earth's surface - archaeologists, relic hunters.

Some seek information beyond non-physical reality, Light, Ark of the Covenant, Holy Grail, Hall of Records, Golden Capstone, etc.

My journey as a teacher moved from first grade, to second, and higher, until at last I became a High School Special Ed teacher. If I had taken the time for a Ph D. I would have loved to have worked in a university, but alas I chose to stay home and become teacher to my children and their friends.

All in all I have enjoyed being a teacher on many levels and in many subject areas.

Learning and questing is a passion linked to the evolution of consciousness and our DNA.

I have found my years as a metaphysical teacher the most rewarding.

'Earth School' is now in session. You may begin your lessons for today. Do you know what they are? Will you learn your lesson, or have to repeat the course?

When you are ready to graduate, you will hear the school bell ring, then you can go home.

Sex... It's physical desires...

cause many of our learning lessons....
Physical and Emotional and Spiritual

Be careful where you leave books and magazines
when you relax to do some of your 'best reading'.....

You never know who is going to find them and learn
a few things they may not be ready to experience.
All learning is about readiness and training!

Is there something you would like to 'pick' from the tree of knowledge?

Do your prefer higher learning?
This apple moves into higher dimensions.
I guess that's why I am drawn to use a Mac.

You can become the ...

As your true essence is a soul spark of light.