Detective Dick at your service.

Yesterday I received an encrypted message from my friend Ellie, in Brooklyn, about some strange happenings in the Great Pyramid. People are finding doors with all sorts of clues about who built the pyramid.

"Did they take fingerprints at the scene?" I questioned Ellie.

"The door was clean, as if someone had been there before. Evidence suggests tampering with the handles. I suspect a conspiracy. Can you help?" she asked, peaking my curiosity.

It's got to be an inside job. I told Ellie I would take the case, as I just wrapped up a case with some of Ellie's clients, "The Wise Guys". I thought that expression meant they were smart! Wrong! I started a conversation on Cell Research... to discover they weren't talking about the latest scientific discoveries.

I got my passport and flew to Cairo.

Once there, I took the fastest means of transportation I could find, to the Great Pyramid.

Talk about 'busting your hump' for a job....

Once in the Great Pyramid I climbed to

the Queen's Chamber, and began my search for clues.

There was no doubt in my mind...this was a cover-up
human footprints everywhere!

Suddenly this weird creature appeared out of nowhere!

He wanted me to follow him, so I did.

He took me to the King's Chamber, just upstairs,
only we didn't use steps!

Thoth appeared before to us and said he would give me the secrets about the builders of the Great Pyramid. I thought of Ellie and how she would have liked to have shared this moment, but this was a Guy Thing!

Thoth moved me back in time
where I met the Pharaoh who built the pyramid,
and his crew of workers.
Were these guys any different than the 'Wise Guys'
in construction, back in New York?
I wondered.
These must be the 'Boys' back in the ancient days!

As I watched, they became pissed at the Pharaoh; demanding more benefits.

This Pharaoh was really 'smoking'!

He told them that the great god Ra would damn their souls if they did not finish his pyramid.

They refused to listen!

Ra appeared from the heavens; they all bowed before him.

"Can't you Earthlings do anything right?" he shouted. "I gave you the blueprint for this pyramid and set up the actual foundation, myself! All you have to do is 'cover it up'.

Ra turned to the Pharaoh who stood before him, trembling! "Finish the job, for one day in the future you shall return to open the doors that will release the truth about the pyramid and the creational forces. The clock will have run out by then. You will sense the truth but will not remember, therefore bringing false information to the humans of that timeline. Challenged, they will seek the truth and win out in the end! And on that day...the pyramid will crumble and all will return as once it was!"

Ra disappeared!

And so the pyramid was completed, Ra having spoken.

Thoth returned me to 2002.

I flew to New York where I met Ellie and told her about my experiences. She did not seem surprised, perhaps a bit envious.

There was no fee, as this had been my journey; the journey of MAN!

Thoth, as always, took care of everything! He told me that until the pyramid 'crumbles', this 'cycle of time' will always be guided by one dick or another, some will hide the truths, but the true detectives will uncover them!