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Do you feel connected to an extraterrestrial experience?

Are UFOs - Extraterrestrial? Drones? Reverse Engineered by Humans?

Modern-day UFOlogy started during WWII with Foo Fighters moving on to June 24, 1947 with the Kenneth Arnold Incident. Arnold coining the term "Flying Saucers" - YouTube. Thousands of sightings and dozens of crashes and abductions took place in the decades that followed - highlighted in the US with the Roswell Incident July 1947.

Science and pseudoscience took over. People channeled, experienced, investigated an alien presence and influence in the evolution of humanity. Because reality is based on conspiracy - theories developed along with government coverups. It's just another play in the game that really needs to be brought to the fore but that won't happen because it will expose the truth about reality as a simulation ... fear factor would take over ... Hey wait a minute isn't that already happening? Preparation for truth or closure or both?

Taking this to religion - lots of questions about mythological gods from ancient storylines to modern-day themes. What if our creators were aliens? What if everything you've ever read about gods was nothing more than mythology? If you're waiting for someone to return - what if they never do? Never believe in false gods and myths - just busy work - Simulation manipulation.

So what does the alien experience bring to light? Answers which create more unanswerable questions - such as UFO comings and goings at planetary grid points in the blueprint or sacred geometry (algorithm) that creates the illusions of reality. Confusing? Not really.

Then there are the 'visitors' or whoever you are programmed to see as gods or aliens or whatever - who allegedly hold the key to humanity's past, present, and future. Many believe they are highly evolved beings that some humans access through channeling or whatever depending on how their brains are programmed. Humans used to channel 'love and light' but as that didn't work out for them - and the world is a tinderbox of chaos - new inserts overtook that paradigm aligning with the more practical side of physical reality.

Since Roswell we embrace the notion that extraterrestrials - in different shapes and sizes - are out there - that they may or may not monitor, protect, or influence us, and in duality are allegedly both good and evil. Will the truth kill us or make a stronger? The algorithm is more about the quest than the final outcome but we are getting tired - as a soul group - so let's just bring the information out and get it over with.

The simulation of reality is evolving out of existence - revealing secrets that can no longer remain hidden - from the origins of the human experiment to answers about age-old questions - who are we - why are we here - where are we going?