Afghanistan - War, Withdrawal, Freedom

We are a reality based on algorithmic patterns within a simulation - emanating from a black hole that repeats with endless streaming scenarios - seemingly never learning the lessons of war because we are not programmed to.

Humans were created as a biogenetic experiment set in the energies of physical reality (duality) to study emotions. It's in our nature (programming) to balance the duality of love and compassion against the backdrop of war and aggression especially now as we come to closure - the dysfunctionality of reality more evident in the age of technology and chaos.

War is never easy and often found to be pointless especially if it drags on too long. It doesn't start well and it certainly never ends well no matter what happens during its timeline.

Before, during, and after every war - authors, journalists and others write about their personal encounters and in more modern times turn them into visual media. These are the record keepers whose words reflect healing or a catharsis of emotions in a specific timeline. What is humanity but a series of stories and scripts through which we experience directly or vicariously but always about the emotional impact they have on the journey of humanity in the alchemy of time.

As this simulation comes to a close we have become more openly aggressive and willing to stand up and fight wherever that takes us even if it's the war within our own nation played out on January 6, 2021 with misguided belief systems. We want to be heard. We want to make a statement. We want to make a difference. We know that the past never worked so let's change it. Not to worry it's all about to change.

World War II

I was born on February 17, 1943 - 14 months after the US entered the Second World War which one could say was its final victory because all future global involvements would be lost. We entered WWII because we were attacked and stayed long enough to claim victory and go home.

Korean War

At age 10 - I remember the ending of the Korean War after three years - now old enough to question why we were involved in a civil war on foreign soil. I still remember watching scenes on our black and white TV as the war ended in 1953 and soldiers coming home.

War in Vietnam

We move to my generation, now adults, and the war in Vietnam. Most of us opposed another war on foreign soil where we clearly didn't belong and seemed to have no resolution as it raged on for almost 20 years - spilling over into Cambodia.

I remember watching the end of the war in 1975 with mixed emotions. The US fled Vietnam in defeat and disgrace as Saigon fell. In the causalities of war evacuating armies leave behind all sorts of people who helped, children they created while overseas, and a piece of their soul. I have friends who lost loved ones either during the war or later as a result of a chemical called Agent Orange.

Everything that happened in Vietnam is much worse than our experience in Afghanistan - though defeat always registers the same to the brain connected the dots of each experience and trying to make sense of events that never should have happened. We remember based on what we see and what we're told which as we have learned is not always the truth.

Involvement in Afghanistan

As you all know - after the 9/11 attacks - the United States went to war with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to prevent terrorist groups from taking control of western nations. Once accomplished we should have left.

Welcome to the 'Age of Healing and Helping' both at home and abroad to make people strong so they can defend themselves against tyranny. It may work temporarily but all things will revert back to their original programming.

We move ahead to the current withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years which is in chaos once again. Our presence there never made sense to me or other Americans as people died and resources amounting to over $2 trillion were spent - money that should have been used at home for health care, infrastructure, education, and more.

There's too much wrong in the United States that requires unity in the face of internal and ongoing conflicts to take on helping others. In a manner of speaking we are experiencing another American Civil War on many fronts highlighted with the insurrection on January 6, 2021. You can take care of others if your "house" is in order - but if it's not - you must focus your energies at home.

President Biden and those who planned the withdrawal from Afghanistan - obviously did not do their homework and properly prepare. They underestimated the enemy which makes you wonder how prepared they are for encounters with Al-Qaeda in the future. I'm a planner. When withdrawing from a country get your people out first, destroy the artillery and whatever else remains that should not fall into enemy hands, then withdraw the military. Yes there would be chaos but not like what is going on today in Afghanistan. The Biden Administration now in damage control.

Were the Taliban laughing as people scrambled to get out of Kabul while they celebrated victory in their homeland? What about the presence of Isis there now? We can lay blame, debate, protest, judge, etc. - but wasn't is all meant to happen this way?

Looking at the history of Afghanistan ... Archaeologists and historians suggest that humans were living in Afghanistan at least 50,000 years ago and at one point were conquered by Alexander the Great. Read more .... As of August 15, 2021 Afghanistan is known as Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

US Southern Border Conflict

Today I worry about the US Southern border with thousands of immigrants from Central and South America seeking refuge in the United States based on conditions in their countries. I had a vision of gangs, cartels, and corrupt politicians forming a coalition and storming the southern border.

People don't care anymore. Many have nothing and are willing to stand up and fight even if they get killed. There is this feeling of closure that permeates the grids allowing people to act out violently often without understanding why.


Other influences of concern in the age of technology are cyberwars which are bigger and badder because if you take out a nations power grid, utility companies, and other things that keep people safe - all is lost with one keystroke.

I have read hackers. Most do it for the money, some based on personal philosophies, and the rest simply for the challenge. Some believe we live in a simulation that is ending while others deal more with their emotional baggage created during their growing-up years.


We are projected illusion set adrift in the sea of consciousness until it ends and everything withdraws back to the genesis of creation.

Dramatic Endings

To all the healers, helpers and those who want to save the world ... we should have been in and out of Afghanistan after taking down Al-Qaeda. This desire to save the world is ridiculous because it's not programmed to be fixed. Now that the Taliban are back in power they've had 20 years to plan attacks on the west. Brace for a dramatic ending

The gangs and cartels in Central and South America continue business as usual with drug smuggling, human trafficking and more. What happens if they decide to form a coalition and storm the US Southern Border? There are millions of refugees looking for a safe haven from a country in chaos - us - US.

There's not much I can say about Earth changes that I haven't posted and repost and posted again. They are accelerating exponentially as we reach the end of the simulation. There's absolutely no going back. Follow the earthquakes and tectonic plate activity. We are headed towards an Extinction Level Event (ELE) after which everything quickly Fades to Black.

Covid is an end time pandemic and will remain until the end. Like everything else it divides us which is the algorithm of our existence here - to live in duality and chaos.

Extraterrestrials - they were here but are no longer part of the human experiment/experience. The ships people see and video are unmanned surveillance vehicles that use portals to move in and out of time - making certain the simulation closes properly this time so we don't have to loop again and repeat all of this. Aliens are not returning to either save or destroy us and neither are mythological gods or whoever you believe created the experiment.

We are programmed for an angry aggressive ending to the simulation so be careful what you say to others and take care of yourself and those you love as best you can.

The simulation created everything you see, hear, or can experience in any way, shape, or form. There is no free will just the illusion of it.

Chapters close and open on the bridge at Twin Crossings

War in Afghanistan Ends

War in Afghanistan (2001-2021)

Monday August 30, 2021

Twenty years ago 9/11 happened ushering in a 20-year War in Afghanistan. Today that war ended for all intents and purposes so I went up on the roof of my building in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, where I originally watched the planes hit the Twin Towers as everything seems to be coming full circle in End Times. American Airlines Flight 11 flew into the North Tower of the World Trade Center complex at 8:46 am (8+4+6=18=9 or endings). Seventeen minutes later at 9:03 am (9=endings. 3=third dimension or physical reality), United Airlines Flight 175 hit the South Tower as I watched.

I blogged about 9/11 on Crystalinks for days averaging 2 million unique visitors each day. Surreal. I also think it's really bizarre that somewhere below me tonight, as I made this video, was playing a spiritual flute as I stood there. That never happens here.

The last US military planes have left Afghanistan, marking the end of the United States' longest war . The last US military planes have left Afghanistan, Commander of US Central Command, Gen. Frank McKenzie announced Monday at the Pentagon. The US departure marks the end of a fraught, chaotic and bloody exit from the United States' longest war.

President Biden's handling of the evacuation from Afghanistan was riddled with mistakes and collateral damage but if you look at his predecessors - they were all programmed the same way. Today we look at life through a social media lens and immediately judge and argue becoming as hostile as the enemy who for the most part are people seeking peace and a homeland often forced into servitude by invading armies. The way the simulation works shows us daily that nothing comes easy. We are not here to experience an easy way out but hallmark events fraught with danger that spike in the grid making us focus (a big word in healing) and pay attention through emotions which is how we process in physical reality.

Did you know ...

The religion Zoroastrianism is believed by some to have originated in what is now Afghanistan between 1800 and 800 BCE, as its founder Zoroaster is thought to have lived and died in Balkh.

The name "Zoro" means "Star" and is of "Persian" origin. "Aster" comes from the ancient Greek word which also means "Star". Zoroaster ... from the stars.

It's always been about the blue and the gold - the book and Z.

When Lightning Strikes - Is there a message?

August 14, 2021 lightning struck the Washington Monument.

August 22, 2021

As chaos in Afghanistan continued and Storm Henri took over NYC ... this happened.

Video: Storm Henri: Lightning strikes One World Trade Center.

Freedom Exists on Another Plane

This week Joie and her friends took pics near this plane. It made me think about the current evacuation from Afghanistan - all the freedoms and opportunities taken away from women there and in other countries. Barbaric and unbelievable. You know what? Many women - even in western civilizations - have lost their freedoms to the tyranny of insane male dominance. Delete.

From Boots on the Ground to Roots on the Ground

August 17, 2021 - I made a new friend whose roots go back for centuries.

Trees on Crystalinks