Higley Happenings: Students excel in STEM camp

Jet packs, robots and glasses that help police locate criminals are just a few of the ideas emerging from students attending Higley Unified School District's Summer Thunder camp.

This year marks the second time the summer Title I program designers used curriculum from Camp Invention to integrate reading and math skills with science, technology and engineering concepts. It means students are using their creative skills while trying out new vocabulary words such as "prototype" and "empathy." "It's intended for students who could benefit from academic support in reading and math,' said Theodora Schiro, the program's director.

The students said the program is fun - and the 200 taking part this summer don't want to miss a moment. From the circuit systems to the rocket building to the books on invention, students are engaged in the classrooms.

Blake Strouss described his invention to his teacher, Tracy Carlucci, while drawing it out on paper. He will later build a model using recycled materials such as water bottles, shoe boxes and paper towel rolls. His idea is for a "JetPack 2.0." "It carries your luggage," he said. "I made an improvement to it because it had four arms. But I made it to expand and have more arms."

Said Carlucci: "That's genius. I like it."

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