Sunflowers and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

March 2022 - Sunflowers have become a symbol of resistance across Ukraine and with its allies. Globally, awareness of the association between sunflowers and Ukraine has grown since February 24, 2022 the first day of the invasion, when the news outlet Ukraine World shared a video on Twitter showing a Ukrainian woman in Henichesk giving sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers, with the striking instruction to put the seeds in their pockets so the flowers will grow where they die.

My Granddaughter Joie holds sunflowers in solidarity with Ukraine.

Crystal Family Ancestry is linked to Ukraine.

Rosanna Chiofalo's 2018 novel, The Sunflower Girl, sweeps the reader into the blossoming Tuscan countryside in a dual narrative. Part One takes place during World War II and Part Two in the 1970's. In 1940s German-occupied Tuscany, Maria Rossi is in her late twenties. Maria falls in love with Franco Ferraro, a member of the Italian Resistance, and she joins the cause. The two marry and have a child, Anabella, but the devastation of WWII will soon affect the young family.

In the early 1970s, Anabella is a young woman who has been confined for most of her life to her mother's rose farm in Tuscany. In a rare solo excursion to Siena to sell flowers, Anabella meets the handsome artist, Dante, who begins painting her. But Anabella will have to go against her mother's wishes and leave the only life she has ever known if she wants to be with Dante.

At the same time, Maria must come to grips with the past and find a way to reconnect with Anabella or else she will lose her daughter forever. To move forward, Maria must contend with the aftermath of WWII. Chiofalo also tackles the complicated mother-daughter relationship, with Anabella wanting to break away from Maria and have her own life. Chiofalo vividly describes food, from the sunflower seeds that Anabella loves to Maria's delectable manicotti. "The Sunflower Girl" grapples with the serious issue of dealing with the ramifications of World War II.

Sunflowers, Ukraine, Fibonacci, The God Equation

The Center of the Sunflower follows the Fibonacci Sequence. Reality is also created by the Fibonacci Sequence. The God Equation
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, ...
We are now at 0,1 reverse Fibonacci Spiral. We completed 1,1 which is why people stopped seeing the number 11 all the time. At "0" Zero the simulation of our reality Fades to Black.

Simulation Theory - Holographic Universe

The Sunflower is the Lion

The Winged Lion is a Symbol for Zoroaster.

Zoroaster wrote the Book about our Journey in Time.

Ukraine Sunset and Sunflowers Since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Take a deep breath. Move forward one step at a time as we await a final outcome.

Sunday March 13, 2022 - Daylight Saving Time

Reality runs on the illusion of Time.
Daylight Saving Time to become permanent in the US as time stabilizes.

April Fools' Day

Today I bought a Sunflower Plant in honor of Ukraine and placed it next to a piece of Fools Gold (pyrite) given to me by a Trickster-looking character I met years ago in upstate New York ... home to UFO sightings. He stared into my eyes and told me I had an 'alien lineage' and would one day understand why I was taken (at age 11). I turned to talk to my friend Dennis who was also puzzled by what he said ... turned back ... and he was gone. I often wondered who he was and how he knew about me.

Close up of my Fools Gold in a small metal bowl I bought that day.
It's all about the Earth and wherever she is taking us.