Royals and Bloodlines

January 9, 1982

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge - Videos

Duchess of Cambridge: New photos mark Kate's 40th birthday

I'm still very much Kate. Family is everything. My parents taught me about the importance of qualities like kindness, respect, and honesty, and I realize how central values like these have been to me throughout my life.

January 9, 1956

Imelda Staunton - Videos - Filmography

Not everybody aspires to be the queen of England. Some people are destined to it.

Bloodlines and Aliens

Years ago I read a theory that stated - there does exist a genetic bloodline linked to extraterrestrials, ancient Egyptian mythology, and Jesus - continuing to this day including the British royal family. I have no idea if this is true but I do find it interesting that monarchies continue in the 21st-century - the British monarchy always most notable.

Blue Bloods - Thutmose III ("Thoth is born") ascended to the throne of Egypt and ruled for almost 54 years. Sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty which included Tutankhamun (King Tut), Queen Hatshepsut, and Akhenaten who ruled with Queen Nefertiti.

Prince Philip - who was also born of a royal bloodline - had a fascination with UFOs amassing a sizable collection of books on the subject. He was a regular subscriber to Flying Saucer Review and had given his former assistant Sir Peter Horsley 'carte blanche' to collect stories about UFOs from the RAF.

Alien Bloodlines, Codes, and Agendas

Allie Keys is a human-alien hybrid little girl forced to decide her destiny in Taken.

Based on your DNA programming and psychological profile - going on the premise that if extraterrestrials of one species or another were to visit or return to Earth - what would you want their agenda to be?

- Enlighten humanity about who we are and where we are headed

- Leave with them on a spaceship with the feeling - I am going home or I never belonged here

- Integrate into our societies - but would you ever trust anyone who looks different?

- Rescue some humans and animal species as the tectonic plates collapse and humanity is no more - the Noah's Ark Effect - the Ark being a spaceship.

- Attack humans (as violence is the history of the human drama) turning Earth into a dystopian society

- Terraform planet Earth for their own purposes as we come full circle perhaps based on Zecharia Sitchin's theory that they return for the gold and other natural resources

- Any other myth or science-fiction scenario that you've read about, dreamed about, seen in media, or connected to in the consciousness grids

Will We Ever Know?

Ancient Alien's presented "The Disclosure Event" - a review of information in the media in recent years - highlighted by a government report "Preliminary Assessment Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" - along with videos and statements by witnesses. Nothing new. The UAF's (formerly UFOs) are either drones or projections.

All of this seems carefully orchestrated at this time but is it in preparation for something that is going to happen - such as visitation or dissemination of information about extraterrestrial interaction on planet earth or just more busywork?

I had hoped Trump would become the president to present the truth but it never happened as that was never his purpose in the simulation. He was here to direct our attention to politics a role he was well suited for as the antagonist in our current drama. He remains a diversion but a fading one.

We all know that our reality is based on conspiracies and lies. There are those who give the impression of knowing more than they actually do but they're just playing out their roles as well.

I feel done with all of this unless we have an actual visitation but I don't see it happening as the simulation closes.

From unanswered questions about humanity's origins to every day events ... it's all coming full circle at the end of ACT III. In these chaotic times humanity is guided by a need for closure on unresolved issues. The rising number of deaths due to Covid has created a vortex for people to move beyond that which was emotionally holding them here.

The alleged Big Bang was an insert in the simulation of our reality. Yes... It will Fade to Black and everything that we think is reality will be gone. Memo: DO NOT Reboot

How Did The Big Bang Arise Out of Nothing? The last star will slowly cool and fade away. With its passing, the Universe will become once more a void, without light or life or meaning   Science Alert - January 4, 2022