Perspectives on Society

Life is Virtual Reality

April 3, 2022 - The Will Smith-Chris Rock Slapping Incident opened the door to things that are broken in society - the 'issues with tissues' blogs - that make it hard to know where to begin because everything is broken and generally without solution ... just Band-Aids called therapy or meditation or physical exercise or medication or drugs to temporally take away or distort the real problems that are built in as humans are victims of the algorithms that create the illusion of reality. 'Love and light' doesn't hold a candle to humanity's destructive nature and has always been a false belief system in an illusionary world.

Sometimes I wonder why I was briefly thrust into the World of Metaphysics and Healing which presents false paradigms that make no sense to me. Who are people praying or meditating to? Why is humanity programed to accept this as truth? If you were from the future would you consider this all ridiculous similar to when you look back at belief systems from the past?

Somewhere along the timeline in the human biogenetic experiment (journey) people were programed to believe that they could heal themselves by telling others their stories (catharsis of emotions) in different venues and creative forms then using their experiences to heal others who would be attracted to them by similar grid matrixes of experience.

Then they discovered they could make money at it - so healing and energy (moving your body) escalated into this mantra ... "I heal myself by healing others" and on and on like a pyramid scheme of pseudo-healing and often religion (another outdated paradigm of misinformation and control.)

The truth is you are you're DNA Programming. All the self-help in the world is not going to change your destiny but may clarify the past to make the present easier to cope with.

There are basic techniques such as deep breathing that can help relieve anxiety and stress but you don't have to pay someone a lot of money to do so.

You should consult a therapist to professionally diagnose your situation and tell you exactly what's wrong whether you're ready to accept it or not.

From there you lay out some sort of healing plan which is nothing more than seeing what options are available to relieve your genetic predisposition (programming) to emotional problems before they turn into autoimmune diseases or worse.

It's interesting that some of my clients have created accidents and illnesses so they can stay home, not have to work again by going on disability, and be taken care of because they're emotionally depleted. If you programmed for that sort of experience it will happen ... if you're not ... it won't.

Never feel sorry for yourself. The trick is to figure out what happened to you in your programming that brought you to this place. Usually its genetic so take a look at your biological family and go from there. If you're adopted you may not be able to get those answers which is unfortunate.

People stay in therapy for years if not decades recycling the same issues generally from childhood - Chapter 1 - because that is their programming. Change therapist periodically to get a new perspective.

I know it's hard for some people to understand that we are an emotionally based conglomerate of souls and that everything we do and say is pre-programmed.

With age you learn to cope through experience.

If you wake up to the fact that humanity is an experiment then you can get through life much easier.

The emotions of loss seem to be the most powerful whether it's loss of a person or control of your life. It hurts. But everybody has loss.

You may ask why somebody suddenly died out of the blue. The answer is their programmed experiences in this simulation ended. If that sounds cold and unfeeling it's because you process everything through your emotions and you still don't get the nature of reality as an illusion.

We experience in a game of emotions. Try not to be a loser. Focus.

If you understand who we are and why we are here then you just need to say we are close to the end and accept whatever happens. If you disagree and say we have free will ... then simply look at what's going on in the world and how free will would make everything different.

Whose running the world ... the good guys or the crazies? In recent years have things gotten better or worse?

If not for technology we would still be a more primitive reality but tech kicked in so we would understand that we are a mirror of cyberspace - ones and zeros and projected illusion. Everything is broken as is meant to be at this time.

There are endless perspectives on society today. Pick one that makes sense to you because that is your programming and the lens through which you will experience.

More than ever I feel a need for people to wake up to make sense of programmed events instead of aimlessly wandering around trying to figure life out. Knowledge brings understanding and truth.