A Night at the Oscars with Will Smith and Chris Rock

The Slap Heard Around the World

Chris Rock - - Will Smith - - Will Smith-Chris Rock Slapping Incident

The slap heard around the world opened the door to things that are broken in society - the 'issues with tissues' blogs - that make it hard to know where to begin because everything is broken and generally without solution ... just Band-Aids called therapy or meditation or physical exercise or medication or drugs to temporally take away or distort the real problems that are built in as humans are victims of the algorithms that create the illusion of reality. 'Love and light' doesn't hold a candle to humanity's destructive nature and has always been a false belief system in an illusionary world.

Reality is bipolar meaning living in duality to have physical experiences. Bipolar people often have bipolar or multi-polar relationships and bisexual experiences. You love/live who you're with in the moment.

There is much that is wrong in Will Smith's life from living in a marriage with a woman he allegedly loves you who was having a full on affair with August Alsina - which means she loved that guy - and Will is supposed to be OK with it. Bipolar people often have bipolar relationships and bisexual experiences.

Perhaps Will and Jada stayed in an open marriage because divorce would mean splitting assets - Will having to give up half of his $350 million. I remember years ago when other issues came to the surface and Jada said she married Will for life - no divorce. Well guess what Jada - people and values change.

The slap jeopardized the Smith family brand that is rooted in Smith's seemingly authentic congeniality. It also clouded the remarkable convergence of Black celebrities on Hollywood's biggest night. Will needs therapy and a divorce. These are lessons people learn after years of living with a dysfunctional partner destroys them.

Will Smith resigns from the Academy   CNN - April 1, 2022
Will Smith announced in a statement that he has resigned from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. "I am resigning from membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and will accept any further consequences the Board deems appropriate," Smith said in a statement shared with CNN by his publicist. Smith's statement concluded, "Change takes time and I am committed to doing the work to ensure that I never again allow violence to overtake reason."

March 27, 2022 - The 94th Academy Awards was not without live award winning drama of its own when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Twice Smith said, "Keep my wife's name out you f***ing mouth!" Though caught off guard and somewhat shaken Rock maintained his composure. For viewers at home, censors muted the verbal part of the exchange between them. The theater went silent and Rock said, "That was the greatest night in the history of television."

Will Smith sat down and watched the rest of the show which seemed surreal as anybody else would have been escorted out - a case of broken morals and lack of principals in Hollywood which we've always known but not so blatantly depicted. Hollywood has always been a cesspool of immorality and hypocrisy of which the audience "us" only get to see the clips not the movie.

Will was asked to leave but refused and should have been ejected and arrested - cops were called - but it is Will Smith after all and something like this had never happened at an award show. It was as if people were in suspended animation not knowing how to react and just doing what they normally do when someone receives and award then having to process what just happened.

On the matter of alopecia - my husband worked in the hairpiece business where some of his clients suffered from it. They lost all of their hair including eyebrows, eyelashes etc. Attention seeking Jada showed what was a mild bald spot on the top of her head which could have been covered up with a wig or her own hair as it grew out around it. Like most black women she has many wigs and could easily not caused attention to this condition repeatedly. It was the old scenario of she has something wrong with her so she hast to tell the world about it so they can connect with her suffering and heal from that. Life doesn't work that way.

Roughly 40 minutes after the incident, Smith returned to the stage to accept the Oscar for best actor and apologized to the Academy and his fellow nominees for the incident, but did not mention Rock by name. He tearfully accepted the award for his role as Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena Williams, in the film "King Richard." Smith said Williams "was a fierce defender of his family."

Smith apologized to the Academy and the other nominees. The next day he apologized to Chris Rock on Instagram saying his behavior was unacceptable and inexcusable. "Jokes at my expense are a part of the job, but a joke about Jada's medical condition was too much for me to bear and I reacted emotionally. I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed. My actions are not indicative of the man I want to be. There is no place for violence in a world of love and kindness. Violence in all forms is poisonous and destructive."

I've seen many people publicly apologize in recent years but it's one thing to type said apology on Instagram and another to publicly state how you feel so the world can understand what's led up to inappropriate behavior which has yet to be discussed and may never be.

Smith's outburst feeds the stigma of black men not being able to control their emotions and does not help the image of black men in America especially when they topic comes to diversity.

Fellow nominee Denzel Washington calmed Smith down by saying: "At your highest moment be careful, that's when the devil comes for you."

There is no light and dark just sanity and 50 shades of mental illness. For those who believe in God and Devil - Good and Evil - they are mythology and go to false paradigms people rely on to survive the journey of humanity.

Will's marriage to Jada may be called a "life partnership" but is he really okay with Jada being unfaithful? That all goes to how much you love the other person. I don't think Will is okay with it.

Some social-media speculators are wondering if Will Smith's 2021 trip to Peru, where he took the psychedelic drug ayahuasca reportedly 12 times while experiencing problems in his marriage.

Over time, using ayahuasca can result in psychosis, frequent flashbacks, and hallucinations. These symptoms may occur for months or even years after using the drug. This condition is known as persistent psychosis. Moreover, it is more common in individuals with a history of psychological problems.

Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live - Machine Gun Kelly described his journey on Ayahuasca. Shamanism is not for everyone and these drugs and others like DMT have residual effects much like the hallucinogens from my generation called LSD.

Drugs or no drugs the social behavior of humanity is declining rapidly to a point where most people think the world is going crazy ... because it is. They can't make sense of our declining reality because they are not programmed to understand that it's an illusion that is ending. If they read what I post about simulation theory they are not as yet programmed to connect because they are still stuck in human emotional dramas wherein they they will forever quest for truth until the end.

I know most people can't give up their emotional journeys and all the hangups that go along with it but it really is a shame they just can't keep it simple and wait things out.

If you are a substance abuser I hope you find a way out because there isn't that much to make sense of. Just know that craziness abounds until it's over.

If you share with me the great experiences you've had using hallucinogens it's going to fall on deaf ears probably because I don't need them to get to the places that you reached because my brain is wired differently.

A drug trip may seem 'enlightening' (ah how people love that word) in the journey of humanity but is it worth it?

Life moves in spirals (Fibonacci). Whatever you do try not to spiral out of control.

The Oscars was not just a slap in the face for Chris Rock but for the black community struggling to improve their image and move past negative stereotypes. And then there's racial diversity at award shows finally showcasing the talent and integrity of minorities with this glitch in the program.

Will Smith damaged his reputation and that of the American black male who often struggles with emotional problems, rage disorder, and generally is the victim of genetics and society. There is no excuse for laying hands on anybody - unless physically attacked - especially at the Oscars when three billion people were watching and expect accountability. Chris Rock smartly took the high road and though shaken stayed in control.

Many will call Will Smith's behavior "street mentality" or perhaps an outburst due to the pressures in his marriage over the years with a woman who has admitted to cheating, drinking and drugging which runs in her family and goes to mental illness and substance abuse. This is on top of Smith's own childhood family abuse issues.

The average couple - black or white - is not "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" nor do they have their resources.

I understand that the pattern is "share your story to heal and help others and yourself" but do it once and move on. The Smith's go on and on about private family matters as a catharsis of their issues

I love Harry and Meghan but how many times do we want to hear his story. Some fairytales are meant to be told once and let go not repeated over and over again outside of the family or therapy.

Another black performing talking about his issues these days is Kanye West. When you look at Kanye you see the personification of the angry American black male ready to lash out and generally playing the victim. Mental illness and abuse run high with these men and often women. The Grammys are Sunday April 3. Kanye West is reportedly banned from performing at the Grammy Awards due to his concerning online behavior. We all know Kenya is bipolar and without meds is dangerous. Keep him away before he does more to personify the image of the out-of-control black man.

Chris Rock Live

Chris Rock went on to do live performances at Boston's Wilbur Theater Wednesday-Friday which seats 1,200 people. Sold out crowds on each of the two daily shows. Standing ovations. Thursday morning I watched interviews outside the theater by people who attended his show. They all loved it though some were disappointed that he didn't discuss the slapping incident saving that for a future venue. Chris prepared a routine for the show which was well received. The world stands with Chris Rock. Chris Rock publicly addresses Oscars incident for the first time

We exist in a superficial universe/university here to study emotions with some of the greatest performances coming out of the blue.

Though there were life inspiring moments and great performances at the 94th Oscars - all was overshadowed by Will Smith's behavior catalyzed by many events in his life. Perhaps award shows are no longer needed especially as ratings are down and cancellations happen do to social issues.

Film and documentaries are geared at showing the dysfunctional side of humanity and how people overcoming obstacles and the torment they go through to get there. Society is broken and always has been as people - especially those with emotional problems feed off of the dramas - some real - some orchestrated.

I don't like satire and prefer not to watch shows like SNL and celebrity roasts where people mock someone and they are supposed to sit there and laugh it off. In our crazy reality - where people are easily offended - it doesn't take much to set someone off.

Never forget that we are here to create drama in order to study emotions. That is the algorithm or "Punchline" of our very existence.

Everyone's journey is different and yet they're all the same.

Will Smith resigns from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  CNN - April 1, 2022

"I am resigning from membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and will accept any further consequences the Board deems appropriate. Change takes time and I am committed to doing the work to ensure that I never again allow violence to overtake reason.

Actor Will Smith banned from attending Oscars for 10 years   CNN - April 8, 2022
Will Smith will not be allowed to attend the Academy Awards for the next 10 years, as a result of his slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage during this year's Oscar ceremony, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced in a statement obtained by CNN. "I accept and respect the Academy's decision," the actor said in a statement to CNN.